Hats off to our jeepney drivers!


I am utterly amazed at how, even with the jeepney fully occupied with piggybackers - who are in it for the adventure, jeepney drivers can still identify who among the passengers have not paid their fare yet. And sometimes they can point out that 1-2-3 culprit; With all the multi-tasking - driving while calculating the total fare while accepting fares and calculating the changes for these and then handing it over. It leaves you thinking: "How can they manage to do that and be good at it?" 

I can even barely multitask at work; I don't know where and how to begin.

They must have been accustomed to it. And with that I salute them! Kudos for making sure that we are safe and our fare are correctly computed. Although for some drivers you need to remind them of your change which is not that difficult considering the sorcery they do in front of the steering wheel. Amazing!

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