Why YOU should apply for a Mercury Drug Suki card NOW!

I am not a fan of discount cards, BEFORE. I find these things space eaters in my wallet (where eventually there is a lot of free space for now). Whenever the cashier asks me for any discount card I would just say I don’t have any and I have no plan of owning one yet. And when the middle-aged cashier insists I apply for one because the queue is not long and literally she has all the time in the world to answer my questions and whatnot the skeptic in me kindly declines the offer and pays my purchase.

In retrospect, I believe I applied for an SM advantage card years ago and forgot to replace the temporary card given to me in exchange for the original one. And that’s it. That’s how far my fancying for discount cards will take me.

But now a change of heart happened. I now love discount cards! And I’m planning to apply and collect as many cards as I could possibly own.

Why? Because times are difficult these days. The prices of commodities have skyrocketed plus the taxes and other (economics) stuff has added up to the ever growing values of these necessities. A little monetary alleviation in terms of discounts would really suffice especially now that I’m becoming more practical as I am working and discovering the preciousness of saving up.

So I decided to apply for my first discount card: the Mercury Drug Suki card.

The application is just simple. You can do it online or by going to the nearest Mercury Drug store.

If you are planning online just fill all the necessary information on their Suki Card application form. After completing the form click on the submit button and wait for 3 working days to redeem your card at your preferred Mercury Drug Store.

Click this link for the online application and present a Mercury Drug receipt of single or cumulative purchase of P1,000.00 when you claim your Suki Card.

If you want the other way around it’s also as easy as the online process. You just have to visit any Mercury Drug store and fill out the Application form for the Suki Card and don’t forget your receipts!

Here are some of the important Mercury Suki card guidelines to help you decide now:
1.       Customers over 18 years old who presents receipts of single or cumulative purchases worth P1,000.00 made in any Mercury Drug Stores with no time limit from August 1,2000 can apply for a Suki Card.

2.       Benefits of the members will be discounts on participating products and all purchases made through the card will earn points. Every purchase of P200.00 worth is equivalent to 1 point.

3.       Mercury Drug Suki earned points is redeemable up to the last point starting at one(1) point in any Mercury Drug stores where the Suki Card Program is available.

4.       There will be a replacement fee of P50.00 for damaged and lost card, and earned points from damaged/lost card will be transferred to the new Suki Card.

5.       Purchase of Senior Citizen Card members with 20% discount are not entitled to Suki discount and points.

6.       Unredeemed points will be reverted back to zero if the Suki Card is not continuously used for 180 days.

7.       Always present your Suki Card before making any purchase. No Suki Card No Points No Suki Privileges.

8.       Mercury Drug reserves the right to modify or restrict the usage of the card without prior notice

I’m glad that I have my own discount card from Mercury Drug. I can just present it whenever I purchase anything from the drugstore and voila I earn discount points and save!

I would like to encourage everyone to avail not only of the Mercury Suki card but also all the discount cards you can own because it can really help you save. And not just that you can also enjoy other surprising benefits and perks by just being a discount card owner.

Next discount card in mind, the SM advantage card! :)

For other Mercury Drug suki card information visit click this link.

I did my first Suki Card points redemption. I told the cashier upon handing her my card that I will be using my points as payment for my purchase. It was easy and fast. I redeemed all my points which means more points to redeem!

Another update:
I don't have an SM Advantage Card yet. Someone, please do me a favor and get me one! 

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