2 in 1 album review

So since I’m making a not-so-big of a comeback I’ll start with the list of my favorite tracks from the latest album released by my favorite artists.

First up, is Artpop by Lady Gaga

After her massive “Born This Way” album, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga surprises us with her newest offering “Artpop” channeling her inner Gaga with infusion of songs about Art, Technology, Pop Culture, Life, and Fashion.

Do What U Want  
A groovy and sexy track which features R Kelly’s smooth vocals and Lady G’s teasingly naughty lines. This is one of the standout songs from Artpop I should say.

With its ironic lyrics (“I don’t want to be alone forever, but I love gypsy life”) and other nostalgic elements (one of which is its resemblance to Edge of Glory in some weird ways), Gypsy will take you to a different high and will make you realize Gaga’s love and passion for her craft. Try listening to the acoustic version of the song. It’s just raw and emotional without the vivaciousness and the musical embellishments.

A techno-track so infectious it will leave you singing some parts of the song repeatedly. An intergalactic journey with the 80s-feel and lyrics cleverly strung out creating an LSS worthy song.

I cannot stop bobbing my head to this track. It’s a potential single with an upbeat tempo which will get your nod right from the start until the end of this rock-ish ode.

Lady Gaga’s first single did not disappoint. Although I prefer other songs as her first single for Artpop I believe “Applause” embodies what Artpop and Lady Gaga as an artist is all about.

Prism by Katy Perry.

image: billboard.com

To be honest, my first try on listening to Prism seemed a bit off. It was not a “love-at-first-listen” kind of thing (The same feeling I got after listening to Taylor Swift’s RED). Although Roar caught my attention, the other tracks from the album did not make quite the impression I was hoping for. Then came round two and this time I felt in love with more songs than I thought I could ever imagine.

International Smile 
This was the first track that I loved right away after listening to Prism. It kind of reminded me of “Last Friday Night”. After doing some research I found out that this song is about Katy’s pal DJ Mia Moretti which I thought was brilliant and amusing. The sassiness of this track is translated not only by the catchy tunes and cool addition to the song but also by the playful take on the lyrics and Katy’s sheer admiration to her BFF.

It takes Two
A soulful track describing the reality of two sides to any story. Although it seems to me that this song is not as powerful as any other tracks from Prism it is captivating enough to leave listeners the same gooey feeling I feel every time I lay my ears on it.

By the Grace of God
This song is more spiritual than “Spiritual”. A heart-warming song about getting up and making it through the rain. A reminiscent of “Not Like The Movies” but with more heart tugging lines where Katy Perry reveals her struggles after what seemed to be the most devastating point in her life. An inspiring proof that she still has her Christian faith amidst the fame and success.

Walking on Air 
I made a separate review of the track under my LSS worthy songs.
For the full review click here ..

This is How We Do
This is my kind of song on a sunny day, a laid-back afternoon in my baggy clothes, overeating my way to obesity without a care in the world. A carefree track about doing what you love and loving every moment of it. It’s definitely a hipster anthem for me.

Katy Perry’s first single triumphantly made it to the top even before the release of her album and the controversies surrounding the resemblance of the song to Sara Bareilles’ empowering anthem Brave.

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