LSS: Walking on Air (Katy Perry)


Looks like a lot of popular artists are incorporating electronic mixes to their songs nowadays. And it’s becoming a trend as ‘EDM’ (Electronic Dance Music) tracks gain immense popularity in the music scene. 

With the release of Katy Perry’s highly anticipated PRISM drawing closer, the popstar on September 30 released another track from the album. The track entitled ‘Walking on Air’ is an infectious club anthem with noticeable EDM components (this adds to the growing number of artist with EDM-infused songs). 

Walking on Air sees Katy Perry’s other side, far from her pop-infused tracks with gleeful melodies and catchy lyrics. She has slightly veered off from her comfort zone and successfully pulled it off with the eargasmic club track. I mean everything she touches turns to gold (there’s no doubt about that!).

The song has a 90’s vibes on it, as I believe it’s a tribute to the 90’s. A soulful repeats of ‘Tonight’s followed by ‘I’m walking on air’ can be heard at the beginning and at some parts of the song (coming from a diva-sounding voice). This is followed by Katy Perry’s impeccable choice of words for the song’s lyrics. And after she makes a successful attempt on hitting a high note before the climax the song ends light-heartedly (even leaves you smiling and uplifted).

It is not her strongest track yet unlike her single ROAR but it is still likable and danceable, an LSS-worthy track worth repeating once in a while. 

Listen to ‘Walking on Air’ by clicking here.

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