How to add tabs on Blogger

I’ve been using Blogger for quite some time and to be honest it’s a user-friendly blogging site which is easy to implement and manage especially by budding bloggers out there. Here is one of the many tutorials that I will have because yesterday I find it weird that I forgot how to simply add a tab to my randomlycluttered blog site. It’s such a shame. Hahaha! So now to help my fellow bloggers (and readers that is YOU) maximize your blog and enhance your blogging skills (technical stuff) here’s one of those tuts I want to share with you.

 So here's what we're about to do, we are going to add a new tab on our blog site. In my example it is the "Photos" tab.

1. On your blog Overview click on the "Posts" tab which is shown below.


 2. Once clicked, the page with direct you to a page similar to the one shown below. This page consists of the pages you want to add in your blog site or pages you want to associate with your blog site.

2.1 Click the "New Page" tab to create a new page. 

2.2 If you want a new page click the Blank Page and if you want a link that will send readers to other web addresses choose the other option.

 3. You can now populate/embellish/bring to life the page by writing its contents, posting pictures, linking users to other pages, and many more.

3.1 Once done you may click "Publish" (if you want to publish the page, if not you can choose "Save" instead). On the image shown below I already have a page created and I only want to update it that's why the button I need to click is the "Update" button.

4. To add the page you've created on the navigation pane in you blog site, follow the simple steps below. 

4.1 Click the "Tab tabs" and choose from one of the options shown below.

- Top tabs - If you want your page to appear as a tab in your navigation page (top part).

- Side links - If you want your page to appear as a link in the gadgets pane (side part). 

- Don't show

4.2 Save Arrangement and poof you're done! :)

As an additional to this post I'm about to show you how to embellish your tabs depending on your preferred orientations and designs.

1. On your "Pages" page (this sounds redundant. I know!) Click the "Template" tab located on the left side pane of Blogger.

 2. Click on the Customize button as shown below.

3. This will direct you to this complicated looking page (but this is simple to follow. Trust me!). 

3.1 Click on the Advanced option (as shown on step 1 below).

3.2 Choose from the page elements you want to customize. For this example it will be options "Tabs Text" and "Tab Background".

3.3 You can choose from a variety of colors, text fonts, text sizes, background colors, and many more depending on your preference.

3.4 Once done (and satisfied) you may click the "Apply to Blog" button located on the left side of the page and just like so many tutorials... you're DONE!

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