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Spend time with your spiritual leaders...

...aside from God (of course), that should be established first. If you haven't yet then you need to prioritize your relationship with Him.
I have always loved talking with people - it is one of the best ways to gain insights and wisdom.
That is why I really treasure such moments I have with leaders I look up to because of the invaluable wisdom I get from just having a hearty one-on-one with them.
What you'll receive during an hour of conversation are years of experience and wisdom on discipleship, ministry building, and spirituality, condensed in these easy-to-bite nuggets of wisdom.
Consider it a plus if they'll open up about their personal lives - that can be humbling and encouraging.
So, how do you spend your time with your spiritual leaders? Do you even make it a point to ask them to make time for you out of their hectic schedules? I know it's a stretch but who knows? 
That's why I'm so grateful for the wisdom I get from my beloved leaders. 
They encourage, inspi…
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What worship is not

Worship is more than listening to praise and worship songs. 
It's not even close. 
Worship is more than singing, clapping, jumping, and dancing. Just because you know every single word of the song and its beat and melody doesn't mean you're more likely to feel God's presence.
Don't equate those to worship.
Crying is not worship. And so is kneeling and beating your chest.
Worship is birthed from a heart that is surrendered to the authority of God. 
It is the outflow of gratitude and humility brought by God's undeserved grace for us.
Worship is an outward expression of an inward devotion.
It transcends actions and other visible manifestions; for the heart of worship is our heart.

Six Feet Under (S03E07)

Brenda talking about her father's passing (who died of Gastric Cancer). 

These were exactly her words to Nate:

Watching him die was like watching somebody got washed out at sea, only they're sitting right there in bed. Wave comes and takes them a little away. Another wave comes, takes them a little away. Every wave is a day. Little by little, off they, off they go.
This illustration of a loved one dying is so poignant and heartbreaking.

Bits and Pieces 008

While watching a funny TV series I kept on holding my foot as if trying to scratch something. 

After a few seconds I felt a nerve on my left foot and remembered how mama was IV'd on both her feet. 

I also recalled her doctor (way before mama's feet were IV'd) advising us to not have mama's feet IV'd. 

It transported me back to that four-cornered room with mama being hourly checked. 

The nursed had already started the first liter for mama's fast drip check. 

The plan was to administer hydration to her body so as to have her blood pressure shot up to a normal level; her BP has already dropped to an alarming level.

Bits and Pieces 007

I remembered mama crying because she needed money badly. I immediately gave her some money from my internship allowance. We were still living at Tita Lorna's place.
I also remembered mama crying when she was still in the hospital.
Potassium, when intravenously injected to ones body is very painful.
Mama was already used to the pain. But there was this one time when she cried; it wasn't Potassium. But it was excruciating to say the least.
Mama twitched in pain the very moment it entered her bloodstream.
She cried "aray, aray, aray.." and called her mother.
I fought back the tears as the nurse asked for forgiveness like they were forced to do it. But it was needed.


To be honest, I have never gotten past the fact that we never had the chance to fix things between us as mature people do.
I'm sorry because I haven't moved on yet. 
Not a bit. 
I'm good at faking things up. 
I tried my best to take that leap of faith -- to bridge the gap I started. I know in time we will be able to patch things up and start all over again. But for now as difficult as it will be, I will carry this burden along with me as I wait for the day where we will get along as normal friends do.
I will always remember you as someone close to my heart -- someone who will always be special. You will always be the friend I never had. Always have and always will be.
You have been forgiving; I have been proud.
You were ready to fix things up; I was busy shattering them.
You have always been the kindest; I have been good at being the worse version of myself.
You were the soft spoken one; I was loud.
You were seeking for resolution; I kept on finding faults and cracks.
They say it'…

Bits and Pieces 006

I remember heading home with mama on December 24, 2016. 

We hailed a taxi cab on our way home. It was the day before Christmas. 

White Christmas was playing in the taxi. 

It got me really emotional because finally after several months of staying at PGH we were finally able to send mama to our newly furnished home. 

After five days at home mama was sent back to PGH on an ambulance car. 

The rest of it was the start of the darkest and most painful months of my life.