Why I deactivated my facebook for 30 days

People have been accustomed to oversharing - bombarding other people's newsfeed with the most mundane of posts. They have been living the saying that if there are no pictures then it did not happen. But they tend to generate a plethora of images which can be put together to form a collage - they tend to overdo it to an alarming extent.
People have a way of documenting everything that happens in their life. From the moment they wake up until they sleep, the smallest details are always included on their daily updates. They would never forget to inform you of their ‘healthy’ breakfasts and choices making you regret the lechong paksiw you devoured before going to work earlier. They also would never fail updating you of their whereabouts specially that flight they had to Japan the other day with their 121 hashtags and their living-the-jetsetter-life sort of captions.
Some people are taking selfies more often that if you visit their timeline and scroll down through their vanity shots it w…

Scammed on Upwork

When you're very eager to land your first freelance stint you'll do almost anything in your might to stand out and receive that very first contract. You will keep on refreshing your feed for new jobs and you’ll try one-too-many times convincing your prospect employer that you’re the best person for the job with your polished cover letter.

I did all of those - to a very exhausting extent honestly. I kept on checking my job proposals hoping someone sends an invitation for interview or that I’ll receive a message for 3 days.

On the fourth day since the day I started scouting for jobs on upwork I received a lengthy message from someone. I read the content intently hoping not to miss a single detail and started working right away.

It was an easy task - a bit tedious, but not bad for my first freelance stint. I did not complain because at last I landed my first online job. And it only took me 3 days to finally receive a task.

Being the hardworking person that I am, I tried working for…

Matthew 6:33 : A reflection of God's plan and purpose in my life

We have our own desires, few of which might be one of the following:
To have a stable and fulfilling job and to become successful in our chosen field.To travel the world and explore itTo own a car and high-end gadgetsTo be buff and to have a toned physiqueTo become famous and have many friendsTo become the most followed person on twitterTo live a glamorous and luxurious lifeTo become a powerful and influential personality 
"But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well." - Matthew 6: 33
I read the last part twice, processing the wisdom which was right in front of me - "...and all these things will be given to you as well."
Before, I wanted to be successful. Specifically, I wanted to be rich (like filthy rich,) with sport cars and olympic-size swimming pools. It was already instilled in my mind that being successful equates happiness and that is the whole point of my existence here on earth - finding happiness and bei…

My Devotion Chronicles

We all have our fair share of experiences when it comes to doing our devotions. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, devotion is when you read the Word of God which is the Bible, note down all the things you learned on a notebook which you will then apply in your daily life. 
But sometimes, there are moments when doing devotions can be difficult. Sometimes our busy schedule gets in the way of our intimate time with God. There are also times when it is rewarding and fruitful - that you just can't get enough of it. And that is the best feeling in the world, because nothing beats having quality time with the Lord. Believe you me!
So here are some of my personal experiences I have when doing my devotions:
My Devotion Chronicles... When you're like "What? Iba na yung story? Iba na yung mga characters at plot?" #bungibungidevotionsWhen you're like "5 devotions, kaya ko ito in one day!"#sakitsakamaybesWhen you're like "Kelangan kung gandahan de…

A Beautiful Soul

Our teeth can be fixed, our muscles can be toned, even our face can be surgically beautified to remove all imperfections. But a beautiful soul - that is a person with a pure heart and a gentle attitude -  transcends any physical alterations. It goes beyond what is unseen to the eyes. It defies the law of time and gravity. And it is the most difficult to develop, change and maintain.

Find rest in God's presence

Tomorrow is Monday, AGAIN. It's back to work and school. Back to our daily grind. But one question comes to mind: "Have you enjoyed your weekend? Have you fully rested? How many hours of sleep have you done to make up for the hours that you should've spent sleeping? (I know there's not just one question but you get where I'm going, right? Oh well, another question.)
Many people think that rest can only be done by sleeping, going on a vacation, and having a break from all the stress brought upon by our work and many other engagements. Don't get me wrong, those are rejuvenating activities. But those are only flesh break. That explains why after an enjoyable weekend we feel already exhausted at the thought of going back to work. We want the week to fast forward already expecting for #TGIF to be around the corner. What we need is not a flesh break - a vacation,   or 12 hours of sleep. What we need is a spiritual rest that is holistic and relaxing.
The Bible reminds …

the sock analogy

Earlier this morning I heard my step-father and sister having an argument about my sister being picky with her socks.
"Eh may butas yan eh." my sister exclaimed. "Hindi yan makikita. Naka-sapatos ka naman eh", kuya responded. "Ayaw ko nga masakit sa paa."
It went for a couple of minutes and as I was preparing to go to church a thought popped in my head. The sock with holes in it resonated with a message on our spirituality.
We are like a foot wearing a sock and a shoe. And our soul is the sock. Sometimes our souls can have holes in it - made by our brokenness and sinfulness. What we usually do is hide these holes from everyone around us. Maybe because we don't want to be judged or to be embarrassed from the humiliation. And so we continue living as if nothing was there. Even when we experience discomfort and pain because of the shoe we're wearing we try to forget it and go about with our life normally. But as time passes the bruises on or foot are beco…