College life has never been easy especially to those freshmen who will be entering in College this year (tapos na sa ibang college pero sa TUP-T patapos palang). Entering college is like being unprepared for a gory battle, being naive about a new subject and being attacked without alarms from the higher forces. It’s like venturing into something unknown, something uncertain and something unpredictable.
College life has always been accompanied with struggles, sacrifice, pain and slight euphoria. Everyday seems like an eternity, it is on weekends when we feel the need to unwind from the hustle and bustle of school life (pero saturday lang ata ang rest day, me ROTC pa kc kasi..) Imagine the load of work that is needed to be finished in about a span of week??? Don’t forget the hectic schedules you have evey class recitations and the sleepless nights you’ve experienced before examinations and term tests. It’s not only the subjects that threaten or jeopardize the students,but also the people involved inside every class scenarios. Your nutty professors that you wish you’d never attended a lecture with. Your parasitic classmates (I mean it!!! hahahaha) who tend to borrow everything from you without any initiating action of returning it. Your insistent seatmate (I mean it ulit.. hahahaha) who taps at your back every quiz to ask for answers, and your irrate classmate who tends to bully you after refusing to join them in a DOTA session with some of your friends…
These realities of college life are glaring proofs of how difficult life can be in college. But it does not mean that life in college is always downsided, students also experience the fun, adventure, bliss and the eccentricity of it. Basta they know how to manage their tight time and how to have fun amidst the stress and the burden of it. After all “College life is one heck of a ride!!!” so enjoy every ride of it till it lasts…

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