Matthew 6:33 : A reflection of God's plan and purpose in my life

We have our own desires, few of which might be one of the following:

  • To have a stable and fulfilling job and to become successful in our chosen field.
  • To travel the world and explore it
  • To own a car and high-end gadgets
  • To be buff and to have a toned physique
  • To become famous and have many friends
  • To become the most followed person on twitter
  • To live a glamorous and luxurious life
  • To become a powerful and influential personality
"But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6: 33

I read the last part twice, processing the wisdom which was right in front of me - "...and all these things will be given to you as well."

Before, I wanted to be successful. Specifically, I wanted to be rich (like filthy rich,) with sport cars and olympic-size swimming pools. It was already instilled in my mind that being successful equates happiness and that is the whole point of my existence here on earth - finding happiness and being happy.

Fast forward to today, I am happy and contented. I know my purpose in life and I am doing everything for the great commission. That being said, my heart, my mind, and my body is in it for the long haul - every inch of my being already caught by the vision.

So, did I make a lot of money? Am I so rich now, that I could buy a country of my own run for President and win eventually? Do I own so much that I lost count of it?

None of the above happened (fortunately).

People might think of the disconnect between what I wanted before compared to who and where I am now.

A possible conversation between someone and me:

Someone: So you're telling me the moment you encountered Jesus Christ you made a commitment to serve Him. You sought Him and served Him with everything that you are; but where were all of the things you wanted and desired before - being successful, working in a multinational company, having expensive stuff went? If the Bible says that God will grant the desires of your heart (And all these things will be given to you as well)?

Someone: Did you just say you were happy and contented? Have you changed your mind? Or a change of heart happened? Because the verse seems pointless and illogical.

First of all, the verse is not pointless, Never. As a matter of fact it pointed me to what really matters!

Yes, a change of heart and mind happened and I am truly grateful to God that I was able to experience it (And up to this day I am constantly being changed by Him.)

Where did all my desires go?

God reassures us that if we first seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, all of our heart's desires will be granted. But how?

What do we mean by seeking God's Kingdom?
It means, serving Him and seeking His presence daily in our lives.
God will be found if you seek Him with all of your heart, mind, and strength. This might be difficult for most but when done wholeheartedly, is very much worth it,

What do we mean by seeking His righteousness?
It means knowing God more and having an intimate relationship with Him. Our knowledge with who God is is not enough; we need to experience Him!

In the process of seeking God's Kingdom and righteousness we will know that God only wants what's best for us. And as our relationship with Him grows, our faith increases also. We will come to an important realization - that God's plan for us is to be abundant and prosperous - and we will act upon it in faith. Our heart's desires will become God's and that would only happen if we have a genuine and intimate relationship with the Lord.

God realigns and changes our hearts so that His plan and purpose in our lives will be fulfilled. He will remind us that the things we want and crave for are just temporary things and what He is offering is eternal life which is even better.

So if you already itching for a job and God is telling you He is preparing something for you, believe in Him.

If you are still studying and you are dying to be in a relationship with someone but God is telling you to wait, be patient.

If you want to own expensive stuff, to be blessed financially, and you want things to happen ASAP, always wait for God's perfect timing.

In our “waiting” God is always working. He is changing things: our life and our present circumstance. He is changing these for the better.

Everything that God wants for you will happen. You just have to trust in Him and let Him guide you in fulfilling it.

Remember that God loves you
Matthew 6:33 shows God's love for us. Because the very moment we decided to seek Him first and chose to have an intimate relationship with Him, everything was added to us.


Because we have already received God and He alone is everything.

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