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Songs to listen to on rainy days

It is official, the rainy season is upon us.

The streets are usually flooded; traffic is also becoming a way of life for everyone. If you forgot to bring with you your umbrella you will be stranded in your office for as long as the rain is pouring outside. And then you wish for a sunny weather and regretted the very moment a bead of sweat trickled down your forehead. But there is something about the rain that brings out the introvert/hopeless romantic in us (yep not only me!).

It is times like these that we find ourselves enjoying nobody’s company but ourselves – just us and our thoughts.

During rainy seasons the nights are colder and sleep is one of the highlights of our day.

The pit-pattering of the rain on our roof gives us a feeling of comfort and ease. I can attest to that. Being the pluviophile that I am, I do enjoy the sound it makes, it's somehow calming.
      Rainy days can be enjoyed with a cup of hot coffee or tea, your favorite book, or a song. And so I came up with a list of song suitable for the rainy days.      

      Rain by Taeyeon 
      What better song to listen to on a rainy day than a song entitled Rain? 
      So meta right?  I know!

      I am currently in love with Taeyeon’s voice especially on her latest songs. She hits the high notes impeccably satisfying while being emotionally enthralling at the same time.

      The song starts with a nostalgic intro; inviting listeners to a trip down memory lane. And then comes Taeyeon’s sweet voice drawing you closer as she reminisces a past romance and compares its bittersweet end to the rain. 

      After the bridge is my favorite part. There is something about Taeyeon’s enunciation and delivery of the “doo doo doo” part – it’s heartfelt and poignant. But it also gives you hope – that after every rain is a ray of light. And so your heart keeps on dreaming even when the sun is hidden beneath the clouds of your doubts and fears.

      Yokogao – is a song by the Japanese pop band Round Table with the vocals of Nino. The band’s songs are used for anime soundtracks. One of my favorite hits from them is “Let Me Be With You” which is one of Chobits’ OSTs. IF you haven’t heard of them go ahead and listen to any of their albums. You can thank me later.


Yokogao is the 12th track of their  3rd album entitled “Distance” which was released in December of 2008. The song is piano-driven with Nino’s soft voice drowning you in a sea of serenity.

It’s perfect for a rainy night to accompany you while you tuck yourself gently to sleep.

Listen also to Takaramono and Futsuu No Yume.

Araw-Gabi by Regine Velasquez

Piano-driven love songs are easily the best songs to listen to when it’s raining cats and dogs. One best example is Regine Velasquez’ take on the classic love song “Araw-Gabi” composed by the brilliant Ryan Cayabyab.

As cheesy as it may sound, the song is about being in love. It is about having that person stuck in your head day and night. And when is the best time to do that? At night when you are one with your thoughts and with the sound of raindrops against your rooftop.

If I’m not mistaken and if I remembered it correctly the song was used in a sinigang mix product. The commercial actress acting as the mother is cooking sinigang and the rain is pouring hard outside. After a few seconds her husband arrives and is soaking wet, having forgotten to bring his umbrella to work perhaps. The wife then prepares their dinner while the husband dries himself up and they eat their delicious dinner while the rain continues to pour as seen from their window. The shot of them eating is blurred and the product is focused. After a split second “Araw-Gabi” plays in the background while the voice over reads the product’s tag line monotonously.

So that’s the long version of it. I might be making this one up or not. It’s up to you. But still try using the song as a background during rainy nights and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

PS: This song makes me kilig.

Broke Into Words by Amy Vachal

Amy Vachal is one of my favorite The Voice contestants. Even before her stint on the 9th season of the Emmy-awarded show she has already released 2 EPs. One of her singles is the piano-driven "Broke Into Words" from her 2014 EP entitled Crinkle Bloom.

The song is pure magic with the songstress voice raw, beautiful and soothing. Her soft and ethereal voice soars above the arrangement commanding your full attention. But believe you me, she'll easily grab yours the very moment you listen to her angelic voice.

Have it played on the background while you dry your self up after a wet and long commute to home.

You can also listen to her cover of La View En Rose while you're at it.

Sukob Na by Aiza Seguerra

I particularly love this arrangement; you can hear a violin being played in the background which adds to the nostalgia, as if the song isn't as nostalgic as it sounds.

The original version by Neo Colors is also heartwarming.

There's also the 2002 ABSCBN SID which also uses  Neo Colors' Sukob Na

The song uses the rain as a metaphor for life. In life we need someone to be with us as we brave the strongest rains that may come our way. We might get wet and sick but knowing that we have someone makes everything bearable.

While we try to get used to things brought by the rainy season, let us not forget to enjoy the cold and solitary nights we can have with ourselves and also with others.

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