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Inspiring Sara Bareilles' lyrics

Sara Bareilles is my all time favorite artist. She's multi-talented - a pianist, song writer, singer, and a lovable human being. She has written songs that will move you to tears and will make you realize many things. What I love about her songs are not only the melody and the musical arrangement but most importantly the message imparted by each song. She pours out her heart and soul on every word wanting listeners to experience the same emotions evoked by the song. 

Here are some of my favorite lyrics from Sara Bareilles' songs:

"Compare where you are to where you're going and you'll go nowhere"

Be contented with what you have but always strive to become a better person. Aspire for more but always be grounded. Because if you are focused on your status quo you'll be missing out on what's ahead of you - the future. Enjoy the NOW and prepare and be excited for the FUTURE.

King of Anything
"All my life I have tried to make everybody happy while I just hurt and hide waiting for someone to tell me it's my turn to decide."

If you don't have a plan, someone else will do it for you. And it might not be what you want but if your purpose is to only follow other people's order - going through the flow - then you cannot be able to carve out a path for your self. Your choices will mold who you are so make the right ones. Always remember that we have the right to be wrong (Kacey Musgraves - Cup of Tea) just don't abuse it. There's a fine line between making mistakes then learning from it and repeating the same old mistakes all over again - that is insanity.

Beautiful Girl
"That just maybe you're beautiful but you just don't see. So why don't you trust me. They'll see it too you beautiful girl you."

With the high standards set by today's society on what it means to be beautiful, many have hated themselves for looking the way they are and became someone else but their true selves. It's just sad that people wanted to become what the society wants them to be; disregarding everything that makes them beautiful.

Sometimes we get too self-conscious that we forget that by embracing our flaws and imperfections we tend to love ourselves more without seeking the approval of others. That confidence shines through us making others notice it eventually. We become happy not because people love us but because we choose to love ourselves.

Don't sell yourself short; you are invaluable to God's eyes! You are priceless to Him!

Gonna Get Over You
"Say it's coming soon, someday without you. All I can do is get me past the ghost of you. Wave goodbye to me I won't say I'm sorry. I'll be alright once I find the other half of someday."

It does not have to be a person or a failed relationship that should come to mind whenever you listen to the song. The song's message is about moving on over something, and that something can be anything. It can be the following:
  • Getting over an embarrassing class presentation with you stuttering in front of your judgemental classmates
  • Getting over a bad job interview. It can go both ways: the interviewer and the interviewee
  • Getting over a joke you cracked that no one laughed at
  • Having a bad day and wanting to get over its disheartening details.
  • Being reprimanded by your boss for the strangest reason.
  • Getting over your past mistakes, mostly the many bad choices you made which are keeping you awake in the middle of the night; even the source of your nightmares. 
And the list goes on.

We can always let go of the things that are keeping us from becoming a better version of our self. So what we do is we forget those things and start anew knowing that tomorrow is another day to succeed or fail but in the process we learn and become better at things. Remember that dwelling on your past mishaps and cringe-worthy experiences will keep you from learning and being happy. 

Also, learn to fail graciously; that is a skill!

Chasing the Sun
"You said, remember that life is not meant to be wasted. We can always be chasing the sun! So fill up your lungs and just run. But always be chasing the sun!"

Life as we all know it is fleeting and it should not be wasted. We are given the opportunity to live our lives the way we want it to be. Don't be fooled by the #YOLO mindset - that because we only live once in this lifetime we need to lead a life unafraid to try many things - there are limitations to that; we only have one life let's live it the right way!

Life is a gift and so we should live our life with the zest and excitement of a child receiving a precious gift for the first time.

"Let your words be anything but empty, why don't you tell them the truth?"

Need I say more? That's how influential and powerful Sara Bareilles' songs are! Her songs encourage us to become our best selves by realizing our self-worth and acting upon it with love and compassion and making the right decisions and always learning in every step of the way.

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