The New Happy Birthday Song

If you're a fan of The Click Five you already know the lyrics to the song above by heart. I have and I have my own take on the line "You wake up, another year is gone. You're 21." Because honestly we can't stay 21. So here's my take on the song.

You wake up, another year is gone. You're 21
Let's keep the ball rolling until you're old and mature... in wisdom and experience (of course!)

You wake up, you thought the joke's on you. You're 22.

You wake up, I beg to disagree... that you look 23.

You wake up, you're young to marry me, 'cause you're 23.

You wake up, another open door. You're 24.

You wake up and made it out alive. You're 25.

You wake up, and thought you have everything fixed. You're still 26.

You wake up, and still love The Script's Breakeven. You're 27.

You wake up, you said everything can wait. You're 28.
You wake up, who said it was your fate? You're 28.

You wake up and thought "I should not whine!" You're 29.
You wake up, you need to be more kind. You're 29.

You wake up, "Is it them or is it just me?" You're now 30.
You wake up, "The best things in life are free!" You're old and 30.

Enjoy your birthdays!!! 

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