Taylor Swift drops "Out of the Woods" from her upcoming album 1989

After the release of her massive hit single “Shake It Off”, Taylor Swift dropped the second track from her highly anticipated album “1989” earlier today.

The 80’s sounding track “Out Of the Woods” is written and recorded by Swift alongside Jack Antonoff of fun. and Bleachers. The song is Swift’s recollection of a snowmobile accident involving an ex.

After listening to the song non-stop, I realized why the track’s chorus is repetitive. It was meant not only because it sounded good but also because the chorus magnified the message of the song clearly.

It’s like Taylor Swift is insistently asking if their relationship (with whomever she was talking about in the song) was built to last and if they were already past the woods which represent the circumstances that tested and shook the very foundation of their relationship.  Or maybe, just maybe it was heading on to a different direction. That’s how I see it.

Watch the inspiration behind her latest track “Out of the Woods” and how it came to be.

For the lyrics of the song visit Taylor Swift’s Tumblr page.

 1989 will hit shelves on October 27

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