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College Throwback Songs

I believe it is too early for #ThrowbackThursday. Pardon my excitement, because if I don’t continue writing this one I might forget the very reason why I started this throwback entry. So here we go…

(Edited: Yup, it took me nearly 2 months before finally deciding on posting this delayed blogpost here.)

I am a sentimental person and also a music lover. Combine those two and the result is a nutty human who tends to incorporate songs to most of his unforgettable experiences and encounters. The best part of being soppy about almost everything is the fact that whenever I listen to these tracks the memories will automatically fill me and transport me specifically back to my college days. It’s a relief because whenever I’m visited by those memories especially the happy ones it’s hard not to laugh and smile. And there are also sad and bitter recollections I’d like to forget but still I’m happy to have experienced. So let me take you back to my younger years. Enjoy!

Hatin’ on the Club by Rihanna – this brings happy memories specifically during my PA days. A typical rainy afternoon; everyone is seated because we’re having a meeting. Out of nowhere someone plays this catchy song and in an instant everyone is snapping their fingers (including me of course!) swaying from left to right to the beat of Rihanna’s underrated breakup song. It’s priceless!

Insomnia by Craig David – this is another PA throwback track. I also wanted to include The Pussycat Dolls’ Jai Ho but this track deserves the spot here as much as I am concern. I remember we danced to this track during our Estudyante Night. It was epic and hilarious specially after watching a video of our performance. Haha! Camille, we miss you! Oooh, how could I forget our Saturation Drive??!! Remember our afternoon dota sessions? Those were the times!

Nothing Else I Can Say (Eh eh eh) by Lady Gaga – This was my summer song back then. The last day of our Computer Week was held in Tanza Cavite. We were college freshmen.  It was fun as it was the first of our out of school escapades as an organization. Apart from the fact that the song has a contagious upbeat vibe its video sees a normal Lady Gaga having fun in Italy. Don’t forget the cherry cherry boom boom part!

Peacock by Katy Perry – This song is hilarious and ridiculous but it helped us forget the stress of having to finish a lot of projects in just a few weeks. We were on our third term as 2nd year students, if I had my facts correct. I also have another Katy Perry track in mind. Try listening to Not Like The Movies, you’ll hear an emotional Perry comparing real life to motion pictures. This track is also one of my emo songs back then.

Can I Have This Dance (High School Musical) - During our third term as freshies and being thrown out (yeah, that’s how I see it) from class for not answering a Physics question correctly was a ‘thing’; HSM had their last movie. This was one of the HSM soundtracks I played over and over in my head, because I didn’t own any mp3 player back then. I couldn’t easily forget my trembling experiences whenever I was asked to answer a question from our Physics professor. After exactly 20 seconds of not thinking for the answer because I really don’t know anything at all,  I would pack my things and head out of the class embarrassed and disheartened. But I still love Ma’am A no matter what. She was definitely one of my favourite college professors ever.

Tiktok by Ke$ha – (3rd year) I choreographed a dance of Ke$ha’s hit track Tiktok in our Sining ng Pakikipagtalastasan 2 finals. I also took part in the intermission. It was embarrassing. Whenever I recall my gruesome performance I wince everytime at the very thought of it. I remember reciting a declamation piece poorly during our finals in Sining ng Pakikipagtalastasan 2. It was utterly unbearable as I tried and failed to remember the words from the piece I personally wrote. I also had my tooth extracted that day. It was December 1.

Homecoming by Hey Monday- Thanks to my talented classmates who performed this Hey Monday track during our first Acquaintance Party. It was an unforgettable overnight event. I have forgotten their band name but still they were awesome that night!

You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift – This Taylor Swift track was a hit during my younger years in college. Remember the initiation every first year student must surpass come Acquaintance day? That was something, right? After the gut-wrenching and wet event, the basang sisiw looking freshies listened to an hour of announcements and welcoming remarks from someone. It was boring. So I decided to turn up the volume of the ipod something (nano I if I got it right) I borrowed from a classmate who also borrowed the device from someone, a stranger to me perhaps. The song was satisfyingly deafening. T Swift was shattering my eardrums that afternoon, and it was totally worth the while.

Fire Burning by Sean Kingston – One word: Dabie.

Up Up Down Down by Krissy & Ericka - A BS friend told me this song was ridiculous. She kept on repeating the chorus of the track too many times that it made me believe her claim on the song. But still the song is catchy; Silly me for having a diverse taste in music. I miss the BS!!! I miss our killing time sessions (if you know what I mean).

Knock you down by Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West – Each time I listen to this collaboration track I’m reminded of 2 persons. That’s it! I’m out of here. Hahaha!

Breathing Underwater by Marie Digby – I love the poetry behind this masterpiece of a song. Played again and again on our way back to Taguig after our seminar in Laguna, this song became one of my favourite Marie Digby tracks. You just have to listen to the song to imbibe the emotion and everything.

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script– I remember watching the video of this song for the first time at my friend’s house. The video is not as heart-breaking as the song; it’s literally depicting the song itself. It’s memorable to me because there are people in our past that will not be in our future. And I just have to accept that and move on with it. Life will still continue whatever happens. The fudge!?! Where did that come from?

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