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My "Moving On" songs

It is hard to say goodbye to someone you thought you could be with forever. But it is harder to overcome such a loss. That's why people forget and move on. Some people find it difficult to let go of the past; they are just too broken to foresee a future with someone else. But if moving on is the only option you got, you‘ll be forced to do things out of your comfort zone. You’ll realize many things you never had an inkling of before. It’s a long list I should say. But when you’re confronted by reality slapping you until your face is sore, you will realize that when human efforts couldn’t console your bleeding heart anymore, songs will be there to take all the pain away (if not then a bit of it).

I may not have experienced breakups first-hand, but I do hope that the following songs will do the same effect it had during my emo moments.

Ne-Yo | Go On Girl

"Not a single salty tear, not a feeling in my chest. Baby I’m feeling no stress. I’m too fly to be depressed."

Ne-Yo puts the “moving” in MOVING ON with this song. As manly as one can be there will always be a salty tear (a downpour maybe) for every breakup story. But Ne-Yo suggests otherwise in Go On Girl. He reassures the girl that he will never cry, there will be no hurt feelings, and everything will be fine because he’s just too cool to take all that crap. He’s frigging Ne-Yo!!!

You might be interested with Ne-Yo's other song.. Move Along. It has that same vibe with Go On Girl and with a famous line from Beyonce’s Irreplaceable.

Ne-Yo | Move Along

Sara Bareilles | Gonna Get Over You

"But no more, I won't beg to buy a shot at your back door. If I'm aching at the thought of you, what for? That's not me anymore."

Sara Bareilles makes the best music. She makes moving on easy in a groovy way. I have loved Sara since “Love Song” and until now I still am a very big fan of the most underrated artist (yep, I haven’t gotten over the fact that this one-of-a-kind artist hasn’t won any Grammy to date.)

"How am I gonna get over you? I'll be alright. Just not tonight."

I maybe crying my eyes out today but that will only be TODAY. Tomorrow I’ll be ripping the “us” page from my book and start anew with my life alone.

Christian Bautista | Invincible

"I was damaged by the fall got the wind knocked out of me. To be standing here at all, I must be invincible." 

Nobody said it was easy (not even Coldplay for that matter). But movies, tv series, and books suggest that parting is such a sorrowful thing. In Christian Bautista’s song Invincible, we get the idea that breaking up is hard to do and that the fall would be unbearable. But being able to survive the falling out of love catastrophe is something you will need to discover in you. I don’t know how damaged you’ll be after but one thing I’m sure of, you’ll be stronger and tougher after all of that. You’ll even be surprised at yourself for making it through the whole process. You will find it in you.  You will.

"I thought that I would break. But now I have  come to see something strong and beautiful inside of me. I must be invincible."

Kat McPhee | Over It

If you want to be aggressive in doing your time in the “moving on” prison, you’ll love every bit of Kat McPhee’s Over it.

"Moving on and it’s my time you never were a friend of mine. How I feel read my lips because I’m so over it. Hurt at first a little bit but now I’m so over it."

Listen to the song. Imbibe all hateful feelings and turn these resentments into something positive. Like orchestrating a revenge party (haha! Just kidding.)

Leona Lewis | Better in Time

"Thought I couldn’t live without you. It’s gonna hurt when it heals too. It will all get better in time. And even though I really love you, I'm gonna smile because I deserve to. It will all get better in time."

The whole moving on process sucks. But after all the crappy experiences and the unbearable feelings boiling down the pit of your stomach you’ll feel that the burden is not yours to carry anymore. I mean, it was never yours to deal with in the first place. You just felt obligated to pain yourself because you know that in due time the pain will inevitably subside and your heart will be calloused and all that stuff that it will be too numb to even feel the slightest of pain. 

My Chemical Romance | I Don't Love You

This song gets me all the time. If you don’t feel a bit of something while listening and at the end of the song I don’t think you’re that human at all.  

"Well, when you go don't ever think I'll make you try to stay. And maybe when you get back I'll be off to find another way."

If you walkout that door there will be no coming back. And if you go, please say that you don’t love me like you did yesterday. Please be specific of the very fact that you don’t love me anymore. Yeah, it just takes that one final confirmation and after that, boom! Off you go to splitsville.

Stacie Orrico | I'm not missing you

"You might have had me open. But I must be going because I got life to do. I know I'm usually hanging on. I used to hate to see you gone. But this time it's different I don't even feel the distance. I'm not missing you."

Yes, that is the spirit. You’ll definitely reach a point where you will never have the slightest of reaction not even a squirm or a suppressed giggle at the very thought of him/her. It goes to show that you have come to your senses. Your body’s mechanism is working just fine. It’s shutting off the bad stuff away.

If you're not yet convinced, here are additional lines from the song..

"No, I can't be with you 'cause I'm scared. Felt like I was falling when you left me. I can't keep going through life unaware of what I missed and the person I could be. Love is good when it is right, bad when it's left in your memory all the times I let you down. I guess love will be nice for someone else's life. But I'm not missing you."

The Wreckers | Leave the Pieces

"Don’t concern yourself with this mess you’ve left for me. I can clean it up you see just as long as you’re gone."

If you think I’ll shatter and break into pieces after everything you’ve said, then you’re totally right. But even if my heart has been shattered and broken into sharp shards that could bruise and hurt me anytime, I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction of seeing me drown in my own tears. You can leave the pieces because as far as I know, I am so better off without you and I can fend for myself. You know what people say about other people learning things the hard way? Yes, I learned that because of you.

 Hey Monday | Candles

It’s such a cliché how people will only experience the light once they are in a state of total darkness. That’s what Hey Monday is trying to say in this song. Although the lighting medium comes in these generic candles (not even the scented ones).

"One day you will wake up with nothing but 'you're sorrys'. And someday you will get back everything you gave me."

Kelly Clarkson | Since You've Been Gone

It’s a Kelly Clarkson track so no further explanation needed here. This song rocks and that’s it, period!

You know the old adage which says that in order for you to find the right one you need to meet the wrong ones? Yup, the song delivers that message.

The Click Five | I'm Getting Over You

"If I say it like I mean it then maybe I’ll believe it like it is true… I’m getting over you."

Reminding yourself that you’ll get over is one thing, articulating and actually meaning every word you say is another. For best results you can compose a chant and include it to your daily routine. Make it one of your mantras in life.

"Even if it takes forever I’ll get my sh*t together. I’ve been doing so much better."

For starters, moving on is not easy. For some it may take a bucketful of booze to drown that throbbing pain of separation while for others it may be resorting to unhealthy binge-eating. We have many ways of coping up with heartbreaks but even if it may take half our lifetime to get over that person what matters most is that we made the “moving on” initiative and that is already a great start.

These are my "Moving On" songs. What are yours?

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