What we can learn from Samson and Delilah's tragic love story

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The tragic love story of Samson and Delilah shows us the perfect example of this reality: every people we know and love will disappoint and hurt us at some point in our lives but our God will never do that to us, never.

Our families, friends, workmates, relatives and even lovers will put our patience to test; they will even be the reason of our sadness, grief, and misery because as humans we are not perfect. The tendency to commit mistakes, hurt feelings, and fail expectations will be inevitable. And that is a tested and proven fact: People will fail us and we will also fail them. Repeat for emphasis.

I have failed to please people countless of times. And I have been successful at making people disappointed. If I kept tab of all the mishaps I’ve done which affected the people around me, it would be an endless list.

Going back to Samson and Delilah.

Samson loved Delilah. He fell madly in love with the beautiful prostitute that it became his weakness. And eventually it resulted to the downfall of the great and mighty warrior. Because of his affection to the lady he revealed his only weakness. But in hindsight it was his fondness for Delilah that paved the way for his demise.

Have you experienced sharing a long kept secret to a close friend only to find that your story spread out like a wildfire in your school for just a day? Or a person failed to impress you because your expectation was different from his output? I know. It’s frustrating and downright disheartening. Not that I’m suggesting you to not trust your best friend or to lower your standards to avoid these heart-wrenching experiences; I want to make it clear that people are human beings and as humans we are not perfect. We are imperfect beings who sometimes make decisions based on our emotions. We act on our initial instincts and say things we don’t mean. The possibility of failing others scares us but we end up hurting them anyway. Simply put, we are works in progress. And perfection is a life-long process.

And that brings us to this truth: God is perfect, and because he is perfect he will never fail us. How small or big of an expectation that is He will never disappoint us. He delivers!

That is why as humans we need to put our faith in Him for He is faithful with his promises and in his time (yes, because his timing is impeccably perfect!) he will grant all the desires of our hearts. He will never fail and disappoint us because before anything else, before we were even born in this world he has already made his promise of salvation to each and every one of us. He sent his only Son to die for our sins. His sacrifice bears the assurance of his faithfulness. And besides that is this fact: He is God. He is faultless and unblemished. We can never question his wisdom and greatness. Period.

We have many uncertainties in life; even life is a big question itself. But one thing is for sure and one thing remains the same: our God is a loving and faithful God. And if we put our trust in Him: our lives, our sources of income, our everything we can be sure that unlike Samson we will not perish because we put our trust in the wrong person, instead we will have abundance in life and the assurance that even if our lives will not be free from hurts and disappointments it will be bearable and worth living because we have put our faith in Him.

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