Of good news and film adaptations!!!

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Have you watched Divergent already??? If you did, please don’t spoil it for me. I haven’t watched the film adaptation yet because I’m planning to finish reading the book first before watching the movie. But still there are many upcoming film adaptations of our beloved books this year and I just want to read all of these books before deciding which movie to watch (who am I kidding? Of course I’ll be watching all of it!!!).

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I’m very much excited for The Fault in Our Stars. I can’t wait to finally watch two giddy cancer patients fall in love and create a love story so sick it will make me cry blood (pardon my exaggeration).    

Not just that, another John Green novel is set to hit the big screen soon.

Here's the full story.

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Adding up to my growing anticipation for TFIOS is the film adaption of Paper Towns. Honestly, I still need to finish other books before continuing my break from John Green’s Paper Towns. But I’m positive that I’ll finish all those pending reads and continue reading PT before its premiere date which is still unknown.

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Who here is already thrilled for the initial release of The Giver on August 15, 2014?

2014 is the year of dystopian-themed movies!!! And ohh of film adaptations of books too! With Taylor Swift joining other stellar casts like Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Katie Holmes and Alexandar SkarsgĂ„rd, I’ll be expecting a lot from this movie. Thus, this will be added to my to-read list this year.

Another good news to all Mitch Albom fans out there, The First Phone Call From Heaven will also have its own film adaptation! (see news here)

So that makes two good news this week: film adaptations of John Green’s Paper Towns and The First Phone Call From Heaven written by Mitch Albom.

Isn’t that truly amazing? It really is.

So many books to read and movies to watch!

Life is good.

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