"2048" says goodbye to Flappy Bird!!!

After the developer of the frustrating and popular mobile application Flappy Bird decided to remove the app from the App store (and now Flappy Bird is having its comeback full news here), a newer and more difficult game is now the center of everyone’s rage.

Introducing the equally and notoriously addictive game "2048".

Image taken from http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/

Developed by Gabrielle Cirulli the game aims to come up with the "2048" tile by moving the tiles inside a 4x4 grid. Whenever two tiles bearing the same number touch they merge into one and form a new tile with the sum of both combined tiles.

According to the "2048" website the game was based on 1024 by Veewo Studio and is conceptually similar to Threes created by Asher Vollmer. Thanks to the geniuses behind these popular games from which "2048" has drawn inspiration and now is readily open for public consumption.

In order to come up with the highest possible tile (because it’s just so difficult) you must need proper focus and logic. You also need to maneuver the tiles with precise manner because additional tiles will keep on popping once you made a move. And without proper technique the tiles would soon pile up and fill up all the spaces making it impossible for you to win (which is very true).

The game can be played on Gabrielle Cirulli’s website. It can also be accessed using your phone. 

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