of rereading TFIOS

I believe this is the part where Augustus reveals his recurring illness. (image: hollywoodlife.com)

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And I’m back again my friends. After a week of enduring a growing wisdom tooth plus my deprivation from internet access at home, I am now back with vengeance. So how did I break the monotonous buzz produced by my lack of initiative and creative juices? Well, I finished rereading John Green’s critically-acclaimed tear-jerker of a book entitled The Fault in Our Stars. It was such a quick read that finishing it was a bit difficult on my part (as much as my conscience is fully concern I want to savor every moment of the book). So little by little I completed every heartbreaking chapter, contemplated on the frailty of life, and praised John Green’s ingenious approach to plot development and word usage. I even listened to sad songs whenever I read the sad parts of the book. And man was it difficult to continue finishing the whole book because it pained me every single time.

I know the book is a work of fiction; even the medication used by Hazel is also fictitious. But you cannot help and wonder how real the characters seem to be as they jump off from the pages of tfios. You stop for a moment and think whether someone is going through the same heart-shattering situation which can be possible. And your thoughts fly somewhere else creating an avalanche of realizations too difficult to pull through.

This will not be a review of some sort because turning this into one might make me spoil the whole story. One thing though, The Fault in Our Stars is a sad sad sad sad read that I don’t like any friend of mine going through a depressing phase read it (for precautionary measures).

As much as I am amazed with the characterization of each characters from the book, I am also in frenzied admiration with the countless of remarkable lines from tfios so poignant it can melt a whole iceberg.

I know, I know, I’m a sucker for depressing and inspirational reads. Because I believe these books are more realistic and human. And by reading these precious literary offerings can we learn more about life: how frail and wonderful it can be at the same time.

If you haven’t read any of John Green’s gems then please, PLEASE treat yourself and read one NOW.

Since I reread The Fault in Our Stars this will go to my 100-books-to-read list.

And now we wait for the movie adaption of The Fault in Our Stars as it hits the big screen on June 6 2014.

PS: Rereading the book is such a ‘feels’ trip especially when you already have an imprint of the characters’ faces etched in your mind. 

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