My top 7 love songs


Happy Valentine’s day to each and every one!

Whatever relationship status you’re in on the sweetest month of the year I wish you all the joy in the world. Whether you are single, double, in a relationship, in an open relationship, in an open-ended relationship, in a relationship that just ended, in an MU kind of relationship, or the universally hyped status most singles would use: it’s complicated, etc (the list goes on) celebrate this day with thanksgiving because someone loved us first before we even learned how to verbalize the word LOVE. Thank HIM first!

So today I decided to blog to be able to get through the day unscathed from the harsh reality that at 23 I’m still a desperate individual searching for my one true love (which is just downright preposterous because I’m happy living independently –a term most singles use to define one’s ability to live without any romantic partner). But as I started hitting the keyboard frantically with a vigorous start it dawned on me that it would be Love that I’ll be blogging about. And since I’m a bit off with that topic I decided to incorporate one of the things I can consider innate about me: I am in love with music.

That was such a long pre pre-introduction.

Let’s get back to business.

Most married couples have their own theme song to their sweet sweet love story. I don’t know how they came up with the song choice but I do have a list of possible reasons why they have chosen such a song to represent their one-of-a-kind love story:

(a)    The song they both are listening to the moment they first met.

(b)   Maybe it was imposed by someone and so out of the love the other partner agreed willingly.

(c)    During a special moment in their lives the song just popped out of nowhere and played leaving a significant role in their story.

(d)   The song reminds the girl about the guy and the guy about the girl (you know the drill).

(e)   The song represents the very foundation their relationship.

(f)     Or maybe they both just love the song that they decided to make it their anthem.

I have heard many remarkable love songs to date. Some I heard once and the others a plenty of times that I have lost count of the number of times I hit the replay button. The songs that made it to my LSS list are the ones I consider the most fitting songs that will be used by lovers as their love anthem. And after having deep thoughts as to what particular songs to choose I came up with my top 7 love songs for lovey-dovey couples out there.

6 months by Hey Monday


Before Cassadee Pope won The Voice she was with a band called Hey Monday. And they were really making great music until their hiatus. They were smashing to be honest.

Listening to Hey Monday songs always remind me of my college days.

6 months is a catchy ballad introducing the powerful vocals of Cassadee Pope(way before her The Voice feat). What I love about the song is its sweet message. The song explains from a girl’s POV the feeling of teenage love, that kind of love that falls harder every morning.

In my opinion the title of the song represents that fulfillment every couple feels whenever they get past that first 6 months.

Cassadee really sounds emotionally passionate in this lovable track. Go listen to it, now!

Click here!

Gravity by Sara Bareilles

One of her best songs ever. A ballad so endearing and heartwarming it will leave you breathless. It’s a proven fact that Sara composes songs that will either melt your heart or make it as strong as a lion’s (listen to Brave). Some songs will really make you fall in love harder than you’ve even been before and Gravity is one of those.

Watch the video here!

I Choose You also by Sara Bareilles


This song proves that Sara Bareilles couldn’t just write a b*tchy song and name it Love Song for some unknown reason. She is a talented human being and a genius song writer who magically turns notes and melodies into chart topping hits most people could relate to.

I can easily say this track is going to be one of the wedding tracks of the year. Curious? Go listen to the song like right now! :)


Listen here!

She is Love / Kiss Me Slowly by Parachute


If you haven’t listened to any song from the band I suggest you do a thorough research. As an additional task try listening to all of their songs especially from their latest album entitled Overnight. You will start to realize how awesome this band is.

If you want to profess your unending love to your beloved girlfriend through a romantic ode of love then “She is Love” is the perfect song for that lovely lady of yours.


Kiss Me Slowly is an impressive track from Parachute co-written with The Lady Antebellum. It is such a nostalgic song, maybe because of the piano arrangement plus the lyrics of the song and also the splendidly charming voice of Will Anderson which also makes the track an unforgettable one. It is one one of the songs I listen to whenever I want to be alone (kinda weird).

Watch She is Love here.
Watch Kiss Me Slowly here.

Through the Years by Kenny Rogers


I believe this is the oldest song that is on this list.

The song has a sentimental value of some sort to me that listening to it brings back a lot of my childhood memories. It tells a story of a seemingly unending love story. It is a recollection of the past experiences and a promise of forever with that someone you love. Ohhhh.. where are my sweet bones when I need them???

Here's a lyric video for Through the Years.

Out of my League by Stephen Speaks

I miss this band. I miss them so much.

Out of my League is a song of perfection. The piano sounds splendid. Everything blends flawlessly and effortlessly.

The soothing voice of Rockwell Ryan will transport listeners to a “feels” trip.

Unforgettable and poignant, I can fall in love with the song every time I hit the replay button. It’s a kind of song that is beautifully composed with emotions written on the lyrics bursting at the seams (I just have to use that bursting at the seams part).

Here's a feels trip.

So there you have it my top song choices for a couple's theme song (love song). I think I need to start a top-something blog entry every now and then because it's fun and challenging. 

Have a great weekend! 


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