LSS: Anything Could Happen (Ellie Goulding)


I know, I know. The song is already a year old. But compared to her latest hits such as Burn, Lights, and Goodness Gracious I find Anything Could Happen more of an emotional track which in all honesty is more LSS-worthy than her other released singles.

I’m that deep. I dig ballad and mellow-sounding music. Especially when the song elicits raw emotions. That I just find myself in a trance-like state. Before I lose myself let’s continue this entry.

Before Anything Could Happen, Lights made it big especially on the Billboard 100 chart. Lights is a dancey electro-pop song which is quite different compared to the enchanting electro ballad Anything Could Happen.

Ellie confirmed in an interview that she was a bit nervous with the release of Anything Could Happen since it was something new to her fans. But after only five days the music video for the song reached one million views on Youtube which is a good thing.

The song opens up with a whimsical start with dolphin-like noises and stomping beats. Ellie’s haunting yet heavenly voice will transport listeners to another world. A world where everything is possible and anything could happen.

As the track nears to its end you’ll hear Ellie’s willful declaration, “I know it’s gonna be”  a couple of times until the song's powerful climax.

Although the slow paced song seems a sad recollection of a relationship gone bad, Ellie hopes that it will invoke positivity to everyone. The song challenges us to be optimistic in every situation that we’re in; to see the good in every mishaps and to press towards what’s ahead of us. 

Music video for Anything Could Happen available here.

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