How do I love banapple?

This is not a food blog. And I have no plans on turning this into a photo blog bearing images of mouth-watering and scrumptious foods. But bear with me on this blog post I’m about to share which is sort of an entry a foodie would love. Yep. A food blog post.

How do I love banapple?

Let me count the ways.

I love banapple because of its larger-than-life servings;

The ample amount of portions you can share and their oh-so-yummy selections so tempting;

The finest of pastas and pancakes so fluffy;

With distinct taste and tasty syrup, and oooh don't forget their coffees;

Their delectable cakes and desserts which I cannot consume because of my strict diet;

The warm people and the atmosphere so comfy and sometimes quiet;

The place, oh the place. And the ambiance too;

All of these reasons and MORE, I can enumerate to you.

That's as far as my rhyming skills can get me. Few lines. :) 

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