The Wise Will Always Seek the Lord


I’ve been inspired by our youth pastor and my cell group leader after our thanksgiving party on December 15, 2013. And this blog post is the fruit of that inspiration.

Every Christmas we are often reminded of the nativity story. It is the story of the baby Jesus on that cold night in a manger, the representation and the real reason behind our celebration of Christmas.

How well do I remember the nativity story? Just a bit. I only know that because Joseph couldn’t find a fitting inn for Mary, they ended up in a crude stable where Mary gave birth to Jesus.

Jesus was visited by shepherds and three wise men who followed the star leading them to the stable where the holy family is.

The three wise men brought gifts for the infant. They worshipped and give thanks to him.

With this our pastor stressed out what the wise men did, they went looking for Jesus and found him saying, “The wise will always seek the Lord”.

Let us not forget that the real meaning of Christmas is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It will never be Christmas without “CHRIST” in it.

In our daily lives we might feel bombarded with the many complications we have and forget the central meaning of Christmas. But let us not forget why we are celebrating Christmas. Let us be mindful that in the story, even the wisest of men searched for Jesus Christ. If we are wise enough we will have the discernment of finding real happiness and peace in the presence of our Savior.

How do we do that?

Before this year ends find time to reflect on God’s goodness in your life. Enumerate the things you are thankful for: your life, family, friends, and many more. Even in the simplest of things we can find pure joy and contentment.

Let’s not stay with the acquaintance level of relationship we have with Jesus Christ.

By “acquaintance level” I mean you only know Christ as the one sent by God to die for our sins. You don’t have a deep connection with HIM. If we have an “acquaintance level” type of relationship with Jesus we can improve it by knowing him better through the following:

1.     Daily Devotions – the Bible reveals so many things to us especially on the goodness of God. The more we read it the more we become spirituality mature. It also deepens our relationship with God because we learn more things about our Creator. We become sensitive with the word and in the process we become more Christ-like as we apply the things we learn from the bible in our daily lives.

2.     Attend your Cell Group Meetings – Need I say more? This is a crucial part of our journey towards spiritual maturity. In a cell group everyone is inspired, encouraged, and motivated by each other to grow deeper in faith in the Lord. No one is left behind because everyone is helping each other to build an ideal relationship with the Lord. I’ve already explained the importance of cellgroup in one’s spirituality, for the link of the blogpost click here.

3.     Improve your prayer life – Have your alone time with the Lord and make every moment of it precious. Connect with him on a regular basis. This can be done through praying. In praying we can address many things to the Lord. When you pray make it as personal as you can. You can do this by thinking of a little child asking for something from his parents. A child will do whatever he can to get what he wants. Be sweet. The Lord is never too late to answer your prayers. Keep it in mind that He has three definite answers to you: a definite YES, NO, and NOT TODAY.

4.     Never miss a Sunday Service – Faith is acquired through listening to the word of God and this can be done by attending to your Sunday Praise and Worship Service. Never miss a Sunday Service for this is one of our spiritual lifelines.

I remember the words our youth pastor said: “No matter how close your relationship with God is there will always be room for growth.”

There will always be room for improvement with regards to our connection with the Lord. No matter how close we seem we are or how deep our faith in HIM is we can always go closer, deeper, and stronger with our faith in HIM.

Like the three wise men let us seek the Lord with all of our heart, mind, and soul this Yuletide season.

Have a meaningful and Christ-centered Christmas! 

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