My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is just around the corner, you can feel it thick in the air. The nights are becoming longer and morning baths are slightly becoming unbearable. As a child back then I would automatically know that Christmas day is near when Christmas songs are being played on the radio, when the night is filled with that crisp and cool breeze which will make you cringe, when every house is designed with colorful lanterns and lights, and when everyone has that generosity you can only feel on the month of December. And because Christmas is appropriately 12 days from now I came up with the list of things I wish to receive this Yuletide season.  Here is my wish list:

1. Starbucks Planner and Tumbler

Those bookmarks!!! (image:

I have a randomly cluttered mind which explains the title of my blog. And having a planner would be of great help to me. To be honest, I have never owned or purchased any Starbucks planner to date. I just feel indifferent to the whole idea of drowning myself to fattening frap concoctions or splurging my meagre earnings for a planner. I think it’s impractical for me so this one goes to my wish list.


This year Starbucks has introduced their 2014 planner (11th edition) and if you opt the promo way of acquiring it then every purchase will be worth it because the planner is so kewl! (but if you choose to buy it then you do your thing!)

One mocha frap coming right up! (image:

Before I even forget I also want a tumbler from Starbucks!

If you want a sneak preview of the 2014 Starbucks planner click here.

2. Running shoes/gear

That neon detail. (image:

Can I bring you home this Christmas? (image:

As a fitness enthusiast (urghhh) having the right kind of running shoes will make my afternoon jogs more endurable. It is also one of the factors which encourages me to run more laps and push myself to the limit. 

A complete running gear. (image:

Running shoes is one thing but a complete getup? That’s bonkers!  

3. Hawk Bag (image:

I have been obsessed with Hawk bags ever since. I love their bulky backpacks with sturdy and compact designs which are comfortable to bring wherever you go. Unlike any other bags Hawk bags come with different colors, designs, and features perfect for anyone on the go. It's the best brand for bag there is in the market! 

4. Mac Book Pro

sleek and smooth, that's my style. (image:

With its impressive specs and sleek architecture Mac Book Pro will take you to places. I love its newest feature, the innovative retina display which is something to look forward to. Read below for the detail of Mac Book Pro’s newest technology.

The Retina display reduces glare while maintaining incredible color and quality. Its high contrast ratio results in blacker blacks and whiter whites. And everything in between is rich and vibrant. IPS technology gives you a wide, 178-degree view of everything on the screen, so you’ll see the difference at practically any angle. And you’re going to love what you see.

The newest addition to Mac Book Pro will be perfect for video editors, shutterbugs, web designers and developers, graphic artists, and bloggers.

I know it is impossible for me to acquire such a thing, but who knows? I’ll be looking forward for that day to come! :)

5. Canon DSLR
Look at that beauty. *drools* (image:

I love taking pictures especially precious moments, and it has become a dream of mine to actually be a professional photographer. The problem is I don’t have the perfect camera to capture those moments. 

I'm not keen with DSLR specifications and whatnots, but I believe the latest DSLR model from Canon will most definitely make it to my wish list. 

6. Kindle Paperwhite

The one gadget to rule them all. (image:

I'm a book lover and Kindle is such a cool gadget that I can bring with me wherever I go. It's the best companion a bookworm can have. But still I would prefer the paperbacks above anything else.

7. Ipod Touch 5th Generation

I just died. (image:

If I was trapped in an island with only one thing with me it would be the Ipod Touch. With this marvelous gadget I can do anything or even everything whenever, whenever!! I can surf the internet, download my favorite ebooks, listen to songs, do my devotions (you heard that right!), connect with my loved ones, and more! If only someone with a heart of gold would give this to me this Christmas. 
Oh hi there Regina Spektor! (image:

There you have it my expensive wish list. 

On this Yuletide season let us be reminded that material things do not and will not define our happiness (although... but NO!). Sometimes the simplest of joys can be found in the company of our family, friends, loved ones, and the reason why we celebrate Christmas –that baby fast asleep in a manger one cold night.

Have a blessed Christmas to you! :)

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