Why You Should Watch Gravity ASAP!

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The Sci-Fi Drama/Thriller film received more than good reviews from movie review aggregators online. It received a 9.8 rating from Rotten Tomatoes , 8.1/10 from IMdb  and 95% from Metacritic

With positive reviews on the CGI effects and the drama, the movie is already receiving early Oscar predictions for Sandra Bullock’s stellar performance and the film itself in totality.

Top Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

 "A dizzying vision of space, amazing cinematography, and staggering sensation of being alone. The sense of helplessness in Gravity is unlike anything experienced in film before; an endless struggle to survive only heightened by excellent 3D effects." - Chris Sawin (Examiner.com)

"A visually enthralling popcorn movie with two big stars (Sandra Bullock and George Clooney) that will rivet vast crowds for every moment of its 90-minute running time with not a second wasted." -Lou Lumenick (New York Post)
"If the film past is dead, Gravity shows us the glory of cinema's future. It thrills on so many levels. And because Cuar‪ón is a movie visionary of the highest order, you truly can't beat the view." -Richard Corliss (Time Magazine)
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Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity tells the story of a veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and a medical engineer Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), survivors of a disastrous space mission which destroyed their shuttle after a satellite debris collided into their spacecraft.

Gravity premieres today October 4, 2013 (USA).

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