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Top 10 Internet Acronyms

I just found out recently that I’m already left out with some of the latest trends in the web. Especially when it comes to internet lingo, specifically abbreviations. I cannot seem to understand the combinations of letters and numbers as shortened versions of popular phrases. It is so embarrassing how sometimes I can’t make out these abbreviations, so for the benefit of others I decided on making a blog entry about it.

We already know the popular ones such as LMAO (Laughing My Ass Out), LOL (Laughing Out Loud), and JK (Just Kidding). However we still have many acronyms to learn and use for us to be accustomed to it.

To avoid future confusions here are my top 10 internet abbreviations/acronyms/initials that we should know:

DIY (Do It Yourself)
-          I often see this on self-help blogs and tut vids.

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) / IMO (In My Opinion)
-          Because not all opinions are humble, valid, and equal.

TIA (Thanks in Advance)
-          This is mostly used by online peeps asking for specific information in online forums (or help on something), guaranteeing an advance act of appreciation to whoever helps them with their questions and other stuffs.

BTW (By The Way) / BFN (Bye For Now) –>You can use this instead of GTG (Got to Go) because GTG is sooooo last year.

OTW (On The Way)
-          Going somewhere? This can be pretty useful in indicating your destination.

RBTL (Read Between The Lines)
-          If you’re the mysterious type this might be useful to you. However, sometimes being straightforward is still advantageous than subtly making your point.

TMI (Too Much Information)
-          I believe this is self-explanatory. When you want to comment on how your friend cannot keep other confidential information to himself you can use this.

TIL (Today I Learned)
-          If you discovered something and you want everyone to know that specific ‘AHA’ moment of yours, this might come handy.

STFW (Search The F ----ng Web) We have our Filipino version of this phrase, IGMG (I-google Mo G***!). I often encounter this on online forums where many dumb questions are asked. I mean what’s the use of the freaking internet?

FML (F—k My Life) Having a bad day? This will suit you well but not on a daily basis (I hope).

OMG! There you have it! My top 10 acronyms everyone should know and use! If you want more of the list STW! (Search the Web) :)

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