Book review of The Night Circus

Celia was 5 years old when her mother committed suicide. After her mother’s untimely demise, the young girl was sent to his Father known by many as Prospero the Enchanter to live alongside with the famed magician.

One day a stranger came to Prospero the Enchanter’s performance, before they parted ways they both agreed to participate in another duel. This event would be a competition between magicians with their protégés acting as proxy for their battle. Celia Bowen knows the competition set before her as her Father teaches her everything she has to know to win the game. On the other hand, the stranger also known as Mr. A. H. is grooming his protégé for the upcoming duel. 

With the venue set for the battle Celia and Marco are ready to win the fierce competition. But unexpectedly both competitors will fall madly in love with each other creating repercussions that would soon lead them to a horrifying fact: Only one will be left standing.

An enchanting world exquisitely created and a plot cleverly crafted, The Night Circus will entice readers to get lost with Erin Morgenstern in her whimsical realm.

No SPOILERS here. 

In my opinion everyone will love this unlikely romance of two magicians bound initially to compete with each other but ends up complementing each other’s magical talents. 

The author delectably describes with vivid details everything that there is in the book. From the warm breeze flowing through the fields to the towering tents striped with black and white, imagine what words can elicit with a stroke of ingenuity. 

One thing I want to stress out, always take note of the dates. It is a significant factor I missed while reading the book. For once, I’ve reread a whole chapter because I missed one important transition in the plot. 

I’d love for this book to hit the big screen soon. Although rumor has it that The Night Circus will have its highly anticipated film adaptation, the news is yet to be confirmed.

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