Single Review: Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus)

With teary eyes and a crushed heart Miley Cyrus delivers one of her strongest song yet. 

Wrecking ball is a powerful ballad that tugs the heart especially when someone as brokenhearted as Miley sings the high notes of the song. Her rendition is pitch-perfect and flawless with the rawness of emotions seeping through its lyrics.

The song speaks for itself already. But the music video defeated the song’s purpose. I’m fine with the addition of the wrecking ball and the smashing of the walls. I loved the dramatic slo-mo effect as the ball wrecked and pulverized everything it hit. But a naked Miley? Especially her doing “her” thing with the sledgehammer? Very disturbing. 

Wrecking Ball is the second single of Miley Cyrus from her upcoming album “Bangerz” following the first single We Can’t Stop.

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