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most awaited tv series comebacks

After months of waiting and having inevitable withdrawals brace yourself as your favorite TV series are back on the scene, fresh and ready to satisfy your viewing pleasures.

Here are some of the best TV series and their release dates:

How I Met Your Mother 

(photo: CBS)

After seasons of guessing who Ted Mosby’s wife is, the search is about to end as the final season of HIMYM premieres on September 23. Expect more laughs from Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall because the last season won’t let any HIMYM fanatic down.


New Girl 

"All In" episode. (photo:
The quirky tandem of Nick and Jess continues on New Girl Season 3 (which premiered on September 17, 2013).  The comeback episode sees Nick and Jess in Mexico avoiding Schmidt and Wilson at the loft. 

Who can’t forget Cece’s disastrous wedding with Shevrang marrying Taylor Swift? (How I wish “Speak Now” played on the background while the awkward scene rolled.) And with this Schmidt is torn from choosing between his past and his present. 

The Vampire Diaries 

(photo: CW)

With the release of the series’ newest poster fans are hyped for The Vampire Diaries’ season premiere on October 3 (CW).

Honestly, I stopped watching the last few episodes of TVD Season 4. I was just too busy watching other series that I forgot how remarkable of a series TVD was. But now, looking at the poster, I am more than ready to finish season 4 and anticipate the latest offering of TVD.

The Walking Dead 

(photo: AMC)

With the Governor gone (but not for good) Nick’s group plus the Woodbury survivors are all safe within the prison fences (for now). But the threats of the outside –the killer zombies and the unknown whereabouts of the Governor still resonate the impending peril that would soon find its way back to them. There will be more deadly walkers, additional characters, awesome episodes, and twists.

The Walking Dead season 4 returns on October 13 (AMC).

Modern Family 


The award winning comedy series returns on September 25 (ABC). Modern Family will be bigger than ever with the addition of Dana Powell as Cam’s sister and Hayley’s new boyfriend. 

Below is a preview of the first episode of MF..

'Suddenly, Last Summer' - Season 5, Episode 1 
The family is in the throes of summer activities: Phil and Claire are trying to orchestrate a kid-free week by coordinating Luke's camp with Haley's beach trip and Alex's volunteering excursion; Jay and Gloria are getting Manny ready for his first solo trip back to Colombia; and Mitch and Cam make it a summer to remember.

2 Broke Girls


Expect yourself to be blown away (again) by the hilarious tandem of Max and Caroline as they bake their way to success in the upcoming season premiere of 2 Broke Girls on September 24.

Returning for its 3rd season, the first episode of the series will feature death.

For spoilers read below:

 In the season premiere of the CBS comedy, there will be a death! Mwah-ha-ha! (That was an evil laugh, in case it didn’t come across in print form). Don’t worry, Max and Caroline survive the episode, but we can’t promise a patron of their cupcake business will make it out alive.

Source: E! Online

Revenge (Season 3)

Release date will be on September 29, 2013. (Don't mind the date on the image above.)

The Bigbang Theory (Season 7)


The latest season of The Bigbang Theory returns on September 26, with the first episode's title "The Hofstadter Insufficiency".

Other TV series to anticipate next year.


Hannibal (Season 2)


Da Vinci's Demons (Season 2)



Game of Thrones (Season 4)

(photo: celebuzz)

Community (Season 5)

Release date still unknown but it will be between the last quarter of 2013 - 2014

 Anything you might want to add on the list? You can suggest by commenting below. Share, Retweet, and Spread this! :)

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