LSS: Hummingbird Heartbeat (Katy Perry)

I’ve always been fascinated with Katy Perry’s songs. Her songs are catchy, infectious, unforgettable, and inspiring. She never ceases to amaze me with the line-up of songs she has on her albums. From the controversial track “I Kissed a Girl” which catapulted her into the music scene to her empowering ode “Roar” from her upcoming album Prism. You can never find a filler track on her previous albums, all of it are stand-outs. And just recently, (If you consider 6 months ago recent) I’ve gotten myself singing non-stop to one of her songs from her top-selling album Teenage Dream (2010) entitled Hummingbird Heartbeat. A song creatively written (by Katy herself) and produced describing the unexplainable feeling you have when you’re in love. The beating of one’s heart compared to that of the bird’s restless heartbeat makes the song lyrics whimsical and lighthearted.

With its upbeat tempo and dance-y melodies, Hummingbird Heartbeat will make you go crazy in love with the song.

I will post within the week the different covers made by fans for the song.

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