a review of Gillian Flynn's Dark Places

I love Gillian Flynn. She is one of those writers who vividly conjures images and pictures in your head. She does it so marvelously in her 3 books. Her writing skills is incomparable and very readable despite the many twisted characters she creates. She makes plots masterfully crafted with twists and turns so gripping it will take your breath away.  To date, she is one of my favorite authors when it comes to thriller/mystery genres. And I’m just one lucky reader who survived two of her books, the other one I’m still finishing.

And here is my review of Dark Places, a sinister read that will leave you asking for more.

Libby Day is the only survivor of a massacre that killed almost all of her family members. She remembers the night of the murders, a bloody pentagram painted on the wall of their house, her mother sprawled lifeless on the floor, her sisters dead and cold, and her brother who went after her as she braved the snowy night to save herself from the obvious murderer. She later testified to the court against her brother who was an alleged Satan worshipper.

After 25 years, 32-years old Libby is now broke with only the remaining money she received from well-wishers. She must find another source of income soon or she would definitely starve as she is incapable of working yet. She discovers a group of people from a club dubbed as the “Kill Club”, who were obsessed with her family’s untimely demise. Libby Day hesitated at first but she was already out of options. It was her only way of earning money. Eventually she agreed to take part in the club’s own re-investigation.

As the sole survivor and the witness of the murders, the club members started asking her questions, each of them eager for what she has to say, but some were skeptical and doubted most of her answers.

She would soon realize the possibility of her brother’s innocence as evidences led from one glaring fact to another. Libby would find herself re-investigating the killings. And eventually she would soon discover the events that led to the gruesome Satanic cult ritual resulting to the deaths of her Mother and sisters and the real identity of the killer.

What really happened on that cold January night? For you to discover the real deal read it yourself.

Narrated by Libby herself, the book sees the point of views of Libby, her mother, and her brother Ben the night before the massacre and the aftermath of it.  

Be warned! Dark Places includes themes such as underage sex, domestic abuse, drugs, poverty, Satanic cults, and killings.


One more thing I would like to add to the increasing adoration I have for G. Flynn is her skillful take on character and plot development. She did a great job in characterizing the Day’s family especially the complicated and unlikeable Libby.

I’ve had several hunches with the perpetuator’s identity only to find myself guessing everything wrong.

A page-turner and an edge-of-your-seat story, Dark Places in my opinion is one of Gillian Flynn’s strongest book next to Gone Girl.


The film adaptation of the book is already in the making, with Charlize Theron playing the coveted role of Libby Day. For the scope here is the link.

I give it  a 5 out of 5 stars for scaring the hell out of me.

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