a brief review of If I Stay


A story of a girl torn between a decision: to stay or to let go. If I Stay is a heart-tugging story of Mia, a 17 year old musician who almost lost everything she has on a cold wintery day.

I don’t like to spoil the story here. It would be better if you find it yourself. But still I would like to share a brief “something” of the experience I had before and after finishing the book.

Just when I thought the story would just be a simple one I was wrong.

I was caught off guard on the sudden turn of things. That specific moment really shook me and crushed me to bits.


If you’re up for a lighthearted read then this one is not going to paint a smile on your face (it will do the opposite). But if you linger a little longer and finish the whole book in one seating, maybe you can see the irony behind the story (and be inspired). Hint: the end of the book suggests the possibility of a sequel (And just like that, If I Stay continues with Where She Went).

To be honest I shed a tear or two towards the end of the book. If I was in Mia’s shoes and was given also the same choice I think I’d lose it.

Written by Gayle Forman, If I Stay is poignant and compelling. Forman successfully delivered one of man’s greatest fears, and it is not the absence of choice but the possibility of it. It is when we are introduced to choices that things become difficult, even the “deciding” part becomes tricky and lethal. And the choices we decide on will make us less of a person or the person we envisioned ourselves to be.


Another thing that got me looking for this book is its film adaptation. Right now the film is in the works already with Chloe Moretz landing the role of Mia (full story here ).

 No specific release date for the film yet as it is still in production.

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