Of zombies and tragic love stories: The Forest of Hands and Teeth


Think of this: Twilight meets The Walking Dead, or any zombie themed movie and you will have The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

A love story set in a village deep within the woods. A dystopian community within the confines of fences protecting its villagers from the infestation marked by the Return. The village is ruled by The Sisterhood and The Guardians, a group of nuns and highly experienced hunters respectively. Both are trained to protect the people from the outside, from the threat of the undead –the Unconsecrated.

The story starts with Mary narrating how her mother told her stories of the ocean and the life beyond the fences. And the story started gaining pace when one day her mother was bitten and turned.

Mary, who believes in the existence of the ocean and life beyond the forest filled with the Unconsecrated wishes to discover all of the answers to her questions. And she will find herself in a terrifying realization as secrets are revealed and events unravel to destroy the very foundation of their village.

Is there life beyond the Forest of Hands and Teeth? Will Mary discover that the stories of her mother were real or will she be enmeshed in an emotional turmoil if she finds out that everything was a lie – a myth to keep her going with her life and the life of other villagers surrounded by the threats of the undead?


I was compelled to read the book because it will also be in cinemas in a matter of time (full story available here). And being a fan of The Walking Dead I find it too irresistible to let the opportunity pass.

After finishing the tragic love story I find myself asking for more questions. Why are there so many plot holes? Why did ------- die? (As you know if it’s a post-apocalyptic zombie flick then many characters will die eventually.) And why did that bastard of a boy, Jacob started the fire which led the group to lose another member? Too many questions racing on my mind. I just hope the movie makes up with what I think the book lacked. And in a way I’ll be more enthusiastic to read the 2nd book of the trilogy.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth is written by Carrie Ryan.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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