LSS : Maria Mena (I Always Liked That)

The Maria Mena that we loved before is back again with her soulful and inspiring song, “I Always liked that”.  

After waiting for eternity and getting slightly disappointed with “F*ck you”, I am so glad that the long wait is finally over.

“I Always Liked That” is the second single from “Weapon in Mind”, Maria Mena’s latest album.

This song talks about having confidence in one’s own skin. It cleverly employs the many different wars we’re at and the seemingly unending issues we have in life. Mena delivers exceptionally with her tender and fragile singing voice the fears and insecurities we have with ourselves. She does it perfectly and tries to accentuate the importance of loving oneself and having a life of contentment and satisfaction.

As a fan, I’m pretty excited as to when the international release of WIM will be. For now, I’m still waiting for it.

Lyrics of the song is available here.

Watch I Always Liked That Video below:

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