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a different take on humor: Community

I’ve never been hooked to an American series since How I met Your Mother. And I never thought I could be engrossed in such a series due to the fact that HIMYM is already a package deal to me, an over-the-top of a series with all the elements mixed and mashed up in a harmonious and perfect way.

Then came Community.

At first I was skeptical (who wasn’t?). I’ve been a die-hard fan of the phenomenal group (which resembles to FRIENDS) and never was I watching another comedy series. My focus should be on HIMYM alone, especially that the series will be ending soon. I never remembered what or who changed my mind then. I just found myself enjoying the funny antics and the crazy shenanigans of the study group headed by Jeff Winger.

Community is an American comedy hit series following the lives of seven college students of Greendale Community College and some of the faculty members as well.

It started out when Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) a suspended lawyer who enrolled himself at Greendale tried to seduce Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs) an attractive former political activist by inviting her to a nonexistent study group.  This led to Britta inviting Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi) a weird film student, and Abed inviting four of his classmates Troy (Donald Glover), Annie (Alison Brie), Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) and Pierce (Chevy Chase) making the fictional group a real one.

In comparison to How I Met Your Mother, Community is quite similar to the latter. The show accentuates the many differences that each member of the study group has with other members. It centers on the uniqueness of each character and the huge impact that the convergence has made for the group as a whole. With different and exaggerated portrayals of the casts you can expect loads of laughter and tears. What also makes the series a stand-out among other competitors is its absurd yet relatable pop culture references and TV and film parodies.

Ken Jeong as the defunct Spanish teacher Ben Chang

Aside from the study group, additionals such as "SeƱor" Ben Chang (Ken Jeong) a defunct Spanish teacher and the comical Dean Craig Pelton (Jim Rash) with their larger than life and ROFL performances totally complete the unprecedented series.

Despite the lack of positive ratings the series still proved that it still has its acts together with the latter gaining cult following.

However, Community struggled many issues, one of which is Dan Harmon (creator of Community) leaving the show due to inevitable issues right after its third season. You can observe the difference with season 4 compared to the previous ones. In my humble opinion, it lacked the distinct humor that seasons 1 – 3 had which was cleverly employed by Dan Harmon himself. After the fourth season, Community was believed to be cancelled but not with the fans’ outrageous clamor.

Fortunately, the show was renewed for another season and this time with Dan Harmon back on the job. But still there were some of the main characters ditching the forthcoming season (Donald Grover not returning full-time in Community season 5 and Chevy Chase leaving community). 

With these unlikely predicaments questions were raised online as to how the series would continue. How the series’ development would reduce the fans excitement? And what Dan Harmon and his team have up their sleeves?

I’m not skeptical though. I’m still enthusiastic and hopeful that Community would reclaim its success and popularity on its fifth installment.  And that the series will continue to gain more viewers and fanatics like How I Met Your Mother. After all it already has captivated the hearts of many viewers around the globe, including mine. 

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