DEMI: An Album Review

DEMI : Album cover
They say that when an album is self-titled automatically it is personal and considered the best of what the artist has to offer. On her fourth album, Demi is set to captivate us [again] with her top charter tracks and soon to be LSS certified hits.

Released on May 14th, the album consists of 13 unique tracks showing the singer-songwriter’s versatility and depth in her craft.

The album opens with “Heart Attack”, a fresh and energetic single which shows Demi’s impeccable vocal range. It’s impressively eargasmic and one of her strongest single yet.

Made in the USA : Single cover
“Made in the USA”, is more of a patriotic anthem than an ode of love but still the song delivers.

Heart-warming and poignant, “Without the Love” is one of my favorite tracks from her record. It’s a stand-out track which is beautifully written with Demi’s vulnerability splashed all over the lyrics.

Ditch the happy and jovial songs, “In Case” is different, a detour to the typical Demi-songs. The Camp Rock star takes us on to another level with this flawless opus. An emotional ballad marked by Demi’s personal struggles.

“Something that we’re not” is an ironically funny song. It is a catchy and an LSS-worthy track that will make you sing-along with it until the very last note.

A reminiscent of Skyscraper, “Warrior” is a moving and a powerful anthem which chronicles the artist’s battle with bullying and how she’s managed to triumphantly overcome it all.

 “Never Been Hurt” is lyrically similar to “Unbroken” minus the techno-club infusion.

“Nightingale” is a piece personally dedicated by Demi to a close friend who already passed away. It leaves you with the warm feeling of knowing that someone dear to you is watching over you from afar.

 “I Really Don’t Care”, is the songstress’ response to her past relationships, the good and the bad. An up-tempo track riddled with funky and sassy beats. 

Other tracks in the album include: Neon Lights, Two Pieces, Fire Starter and Shouldn’t Come Back.
Forget the typical Camp rock-ish, lalaland-esque, and Demi-specific songs. Demi Lovato has grown maturely in her musicality (like Paramore too).  And she will keep on improving her talent and craft with every album release because there is no stopping this one-of-a-kind artist from achieving her dreams.

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