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How I Met Your Mother: A simple review

I’ve wanted to make a review about this a long time ago. But the busy schedule I have (during my IT year), plus the sleepless nights of trying to come up with the best system to develop hindered me from writing this piece. And because I already have the time in the world to watch the series again and again it wouldn’t be much of a deal to write something about it.

So, here I go again with the crazy stuffs. My crazy ideas.

My beloved sister introduced this series to me and since then I have been hooked to it. Who would hate something so funny and inspiring at the same time? I bet you, if you won’t in any manner appreciate the coolness and the drama behind it then you’re no human. Believe you me.

It started as an idea that sprung into a successful sitcom. How I Met Your Mother chronicles the lives of Ted Mosby played by Josh Radnor and his set of quirky friends: Marshall Ericksen (Jason Segel), Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan) and Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders). The TV series’ main plot is the narration of Ted to his son and daughter [in 2030] about the events in his and his friends’ lives that led him to meet the love of his life, hence the sitcom’s title.

For a TV series, HIMYM is really difficult to surpass, though there have been many comedy series that originated promising audience the satisfaction and 20-30 minutes of escape from the real world. But despite the tight competition the series has been a big success cementing its viewership status not only in the US but around the globe.

What is the secret behind the unwavering and critical success of the most-watched sitcom?Aside from the out-of-this-worldplot and the witty humor, HIMYM has more to offer to its audiences.

Firstly, it would be the great ensemble of actors. I mean come on! Barney freaking Stinson?  He alone is enough. But that would be selfish of him, so I guess the producers decided to add some characters and focus on all of their eccentricities rather than exemplify one self-absorbed, vain, naïve jerk (pardon me for my terms). As they say the more the merrier. Don’t forget the other casts, the unparalleled Jason Segel who plays as Ted’s bestfriend, who also is an environmental lawyer and Lily’s husband, the smouldering Cobie Smulders, who plays as a Ted’s ex-girlfriend and a news anchor of some local channel network, Alyson Hannigan who plays as Marshall’s wife and a kindergarten teacher, and the reason behind the sitcom’s unending streak, Josh Radner, an architecture professor in search of his “one true love”.

Secondly, the moral story each episode has. It’s not all about the funny antics and the LOL moments but also the life-long lessons that each episode leaves the audience with.

Thirdly, are the unexpected twists and turns that the creative minds behind the series cleverly employ. What else do they have up their sleeves? I find it comforting knowing each weekly run will end with another question leading to another episode, then a new season and so on. If possible, I would really want Ted not to find the mother of his children. You know, so that the series will never end.

Honestly, I can go on for a week of non-stop HIMYM marathon. And I’ll never get tired of watching it again and again.
Lastly, is the effect HIMYM has to everyone who watches the series. As one episode ends there is this feeling of contentment and assurance that I always get every time;the feeling that life will always throw us the heaviest of problems but above it all we will always have our own set of friends who will help us get through all of those tough times. This tops the three other reasons I have.
Whenever I have the chance to watch HIMYM, I’ll wait until everyone’s asleep. And before watching, I’ll make myself comfortable and full to avoid any disturbance. It’s one of the few escapes I have in life; engrossing myself with the realities of life produced in a seemingly humorous plot interwoven and fabricated to create an effect that will definitely leave me satisfied of my daily dosage of unadulterated happiness.

In real life we can have the set of friends Ted has, the quirky, funny, self-absorbed, vain, and naïve group of people we could never last a day with. We can also have the same exaggerated experiences that the group has in each episode. And because the realities shown in HIMYM are not different from those we struggle to live with we could always expect that in the toughest of times we have these friends we can rely on and a series to remind us that although life is difficult it can be bearable.

P.S. Thanks to wikipedia for the supplemental information. I just need to verify all the details to avoid misleading readers whom I suppose are cleverer than I do. Enjoy!

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