“Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate.” I read this comment from a Lovatic on Youtube claiming all Demi haters to shut up and get a life.  I, too share the same sentiment. I really like Demi Lovato not only as singer and a song writer but also as an actress. And all the “auto tuning” issues thrown against her are baseless and useless.If you’ve seen and heard her sing live you’ll be amazed and be in awe at her singing prowess.

 Enough of the rants, my job here is to write an impartial (sort of) review of her latest album that turned a year old on September.


Demi Lovato is a gem. She is a talented and a versatile artist of her generation. Equipped with the pipes and the range, Demi Lovato gives all of her heart and soul in all of her 14 tracks in her third studio album, Unbroken.

The album starts with “All Night Long”, one of the few collaborations in the album featuring Missy Elliot and Timbaland. Other collaborations include “Who’s That Boy” featuring Dev, “You’re My Only Shorty” with Iyaz, and “Together” featuring Jason Derulo.

The familiarity of her past albums can be heard in songs such as “In Real Life”, “Hold Up”, and “Give Your Heart a Break”.

Think of a romantic poem and your very first prom dance plus a fairy-tale like melody and you have “Lightweight”

One of my favourite songs in Unbroken, “Mistake” brings back the tough and high-spirited Demi we loved in her “Here We Go Again” album. Her unique musicality etched in the lyrics and melody of the breakup song.

An intermediate between a techno and a club track, “Unbroken”shows that Demi Lovato can sing any song genre and totally nail it!

“Skyscraper” is an empowering song suited for the likes of Demi, and those who were bullied back when they were young. It’s the anti-bully anthem for Lovatics!

“My Love is Like a Star” is more of a Jojo track but what I loved about the song is the versatility shown by Demi in this lovely RnB-ish rendition.

Demi really knows how to reach through her listeners and she does this exquisitely in “Fix a Heart”. In this remarkable opus you will be able to hear cracks in her voice as she reaches the high pitched notes in the song. This clearly means that the talented young artist delivers every song without tweaking anything, although some tracks need a bit of autotuning to give appropriate effects.

The album closes with“For the Love of a Father”, a heart-rending song which resembles that of Lindsay Lohan’s “Confessions of a Brokenheart” but with the maturity of a real artist which the latter lacked.

            Demi Lovato’s latest album proves how great of an artist she is. And there will be no stopping her from creating songs that will inspire and mend all broken hearts.

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