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a GREAT investment

One rainy afternoon as I was heading home from UP Technohub I hailed a bus en route to FTI and dried myself up after sitting comfortably on a vacant seat near a bus window. I was busy drying myself after getting soaked from the rain that I forgot how bad the situation was outside. It was like watching Water World in 3D. The streets were flooded and the cars were stranded. But after 30 minutes of panicking, the rain finally stopped and the flood slowly subsided. 

But that’s not the story yet. 

So I was still inside the public vehicle sitting comfortably when a group of passengers ascended the bus. After everyone was seated I noticed an old lanky man still standing with a bible clutched to his right hand. And then he introduced himself and started citing bible verses. His voice was guttural making it hard for me to comprehend the words coming out of his mouth. I tried stringing out the words but failed. The only verse I remembered was Malachi 3:10 which is one of my favourite verses in the Bible.

The old man kept on talking and I tried making out the words. After a couple of minutes I finally realized what his final passage was.

“Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, ‘I find no pleasure in them’.”
-Ecclesiastes 12:1
And then it hit me.

I finally got hold of the verse and from thenit started a myriad of ideas that I find worth sharing.

Serving GOD is one of the most rewarding things a person can do in his lifetime. 

We were designed by GOD to serve and love him. And as GOD’s creations we are expected to conform to this design not because we are forced tobut because we love doing things pleasing to the eyes of GOD. 

Ecclesiastes 12:1 inspires us to always remember our Creator while we are still young. And by remembering him means doing our devotions and praying every day, being faithful in giving our tithes and love offerings, following his commandments, sharing the word of GOD, and winningour friends, classmates, family members, acquaintances, workmates and strangers we meet to HIM.

For the youth of today, this will be a great investment to start with. 

Why an investment? 

Let me show you a simple illustration. Investment is like planting vegetables. If you want to harvest the healthiest and the freshest vegetables you need to use the best fertilizer, soil, and pest control chemicals. You also need to have a good irrigation system and a well-ventilated soil bed to produce the best results you aimed for. The bottomline is if we give our 100% to something we can expect that the results will be favourable.

What would be that investment?

That investment would be serving the Lord and doing things that will please him.

Why would it be a good investment?

Because by doing this we start something good and prolific and in return receive the full benefits of it in ways more than what we expect.

And I could definitely say that this investment is far from those “worldly” investments. In this investment YOU will always WIN and never LOSE!    
The LORD encourages us to turn back from our wicked ways and follow him when we are still young and have the strength to do things in accordance to his will.It’s always a common reason by some people to get back to the LORD whenever they feel weak enough to sin again or they’ve gotten a lot older that they cannot follow the call of the flesh. But let us not wait for the time when we would be old enough to repent and get on the right track with GOD. 

We cannot wait for the right time to come because the right time is now! Every day is a new opportunity to carry our own cross and repent for the sinful things we’ve done in the past and let GOD take all of the burden and the pain we have away. GOD loves us no matter what and HE will be faithful to forgive our shortcomings when we submit ourselves wholeheartedly to him and finally turn back from our old selves.

How would we solidify the investment?

Like the vegetable analogy that I have we can solidify our investment by being submissive to the Lord. This would be possible by having a consistent prayer and devotional time. When we pray we have this conversation with GOD in which we can talk to him like a normal person. By doing our daily devotions we would be able to understand the promises of our Lord on that particular day; because the Lord reveals something to us every day. Other than that we also need to win and disciple more souls for the Lord so that we can be assured of the great harvest not only for ourselves but for everyone. Don’t be doubtful and hesitant for the Lord will always give us the provision, guidance, and blessings we need to go further with our investment. 

What would be the benefit of this investment?

It will not be much of a financial gain but something more important than that: good health, security, peace of mind, financial freedom, safety, family integrity, and the salvation of everyone we love and know.

In the end we will reap the great harvest we’ve set before us. We will be able to receive the gift of God, and that is eternal life with him in heaven.

Having said that, I hope and pray that this simple blog post will have a positive effect on you, whoever you are. I hope that you will invest on things worth investing and that is investing for the Lord, which is the greatest investment one can have.

God Bless!

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