Kaleidoscope Heart (A Review)

Sara Bareilles is a genius. She is a witty song writer, a talented singer, a piano virtuoso as well (though she can play almost all instruments), and a Grammy nominee. She delivers all of her magic in her third studio album and second major label album, Kaleidoscope Heart.

With fourteen tracks all of which are original, Sara shows all of “HER” in every song in her latest gem. The album starts with “Kaleidoscope Heart” which runs for a minute, the only song in the album that you can consider short and at the same time long-lasting in effect.

Her empowering tracks “Uncharted” and “King of Anything” and the upbeat song “Gonna Get Over You” which is a groovy one shows the hopeless romantic and cool side of the beautiful artist.

The album also consists of her usual heart breaking, poignant, and vulnerable songs such as “Breathe Again” which is one of the sound tracks of the hit TV series The Vampire Diaries, “The Light” and “Hold My Heart”.

My personal favorites would be “Machine Gun” (which will surprise you if you will stick until the end of the song), “Say you’re Sorry” (slightly teasing but appropriately indulging), “Basket Case” (a very weird metaphor of some sort), and “Let the Rain” (a very soothing Sara asking for a heavenly intercession in the form of rain droplets).

She has done it before and has done it again! Capturing every hearts of all her fans by her exquisite and impeccable incorporation of her songs with poetic takes on every level, all of which are uniquely composed and conceptualized plus the arrangement is just so hard to put down.

The album closes with her country-esque song “Carolina” that will keep you bobbing your head until the last note.

One of my highly praised and followed artist, Sara Bareilles, will always create songs soothing to the ears and tugging to the hearts of those who love and hear her music.

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