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My Girlfriend is A Gumiho: A so-so Review

My co-editors have already seen it.
My classmates are already singing to the tunes of it.
My friends are acting a bit weird when it rains on a sunny day.
I always see the line “nomu nomu nomu chua” on facebook.

And now, I can eventually say that the gumiho mania has already invaded the recesses of my thoughts, actions, feelings, and many more. You want to know why? Then read along...

The unforgettable and funny duo of Cha Dae Woong and Miho proved to be an effective bead to everyone. Whether you’ve laughed your heart out or cried a tear or two you can never ever compare the whimsical feeling that emanates from your insides the moment you set your eyes on the boob tube.
I’ve been hearing a lot of good feedbacks from the hit Korean series but I was occupied by then with the blooming love story of Jamie and Owen (Secret Garden). Sad to say GMA kept on prolonging the latter so I was bored to death, especially with the encore runs of Temptation of Wife which ate a lot of airtime compared to SeGa. Thanks to my ever updated co-editors for introducing My Girlfriend is a Gumiho to me. At first I was sort of skeptic. “What if this one bores me to death? I’ve seen some parts of the first episode and it seemed plain.” Those were my initial thoughts back then but look at me now (hahaha!). I’ve been totally crazy after finishing the first episode. I can’t stop myself from predicting the outcome or the next episode that I ask my classmate if I could copy all the episodes she have on her laptop. Thanks to her, I was able to satisfy my insatiable hunger for the series.

The plot seems to be impossible and the characters were unbelievable. But watching the series progress gives you a sort of reality and a possibility that what you’re watching may be true at some point. (That would be so fun!).
I’ve had my share of hearty laughs and teary eyes. Miho is such a cutie while Cha Dae Woong’s character portrayed by Lee Seung Gi did a great job . The chemistry between them is strong and the kilig moments is never forced.. it's just normal. It is such a big production. The cameo of other Korean stars really made some of the scenes memorable. Noona, the hater was so believable that I wanted to use Miho’s nine tails and strangle her alive (JK).  

Aside from the series itself, the OSTs were also remarkable. Lee Seung Gi’s renditions fitted the mood of some scenes, “Losing My Mind” on funny scenes and “I Love you from Now on” on heartbreaking parts. The ever whimsical Fox Rain sung by Lee Sun Hee made a huge contribution on giving the audiences a hard time (a sad time prolly). With all of that combined, My Girlfriend is a gumiho is a hit not only in Korea but also here in the Philippines. 

I really really really really like it! Wink Wink! :)

PS: Please bear with the brevity. I still wanted to make the most of my blogpost maybe next time I can make an in depth review on it. Godspeed!

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