Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two: Half review, half rubbish.

Voldemort: The boy who lived come to die.

I just can’t help myself with all the Harry Potter mania going about without me watching it. You see, I got a very bad day yesterday. It so happen that the bad vibes were prevalent from the time the day started until last midnight. The pressure was suffocating me that I forgot that academic performance is not that important to me (that I realized when I got my first 3.0 from my Trigonometry teacher... Ma’am toot, Thanks by the way!) The moment I got home from the killing atmosphere of school stuffs I decided watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. The video quality was mediocre what can I do? I needed to watch the film badly. Even though I asked my beloved sister for movie tickets I still end lying and watched the movie on my netbook. (Sorry sis, I need the money badly that’s why I decided to go thrifty all the way. But thanks though!) After watching it, a part of me died. I’ve been so attached to the books that’s why ending it was really sad. It is a turning for all Potterheads to face, it may hurt a lot but nevertheless it will be worth the wait.

Okay, so done with the cheesiness, I’ll start my so called review.

The movie, though dark and sinister gave the audiences an inevitable reality: Evil will never in any manner prevail and that there is goodness in everyone. I’ll give it a 5 out of 5 score for the plot and its twists as well (see how bias I am?) It emanates maturity, in the sense that Harry Potter was given a choice, either to end the fight or to die. Though some part of the film was humorous, you can never remove the fact that some characters will die in the near end of it. Reality of life permeates within it, even the permanence of death was a serious topic shown.

Harry Potter:  Does it hurt, dying?
Sirius: Quicker than falling asleep.

Then the fight scenes, it was bloody cool and wicked. The effects were so marvelous and believable. I can’t help but be amazed as the dementors glide into the air and as sparks flew midair with casts shooting out from wands. The Gringott’s scene with the dragon, super duper mega ultra WOW! And the duel with Voldermort’s unforgettable death really heightened my dampen mood. It so happen that I enjoyed much of the dialogues in it but still the battle of Hogwarts was a must see scene. 
Help, will be always given at Hogwarts to those who deserve it.
---Albus Dumbledore
The movie also was emotional and poignant. The pensieve scene where Harry saw the events unfolding right in front of him made a great impact to me. How Snape orchestrated Dumbledore’s death and his undying love for Lily really also made the movie remarkable.  I kept on sighing until the end of the movie because what I’ll bring with me will only be the memories of the book, things will never be the same after that. The adventure of the unkabogable trio: Hermione, Harry, and Ron really taught me to value friendship over any material things, because in our ugliest moments our true friends can see the beauty in us with no prejudice but with love. 

Do not grieve to the dead Harry, grieve to the living. And above all, all those who live without love.
---Albus Dumbledore again.

Watching the film really gave me a morale boost and a brighter mindset on life. It’s definitely a tear jerker and at the same time a comedic movie. The characters were unforgettable and so is the movie. Though, I watched it without spending a single penny, I recommend you watch it on the big screen. It is worth your penny and time. Maybe, just maybe when I’ll no longer be bombarded with assignments and codes I can read the seven books and watch the 8 movies as well. I don’t have any plans of forgetting the adventures of Harry Potter. I have already memorized the characters and the story by heart and there is no point of me forgetting the magic of just reading the whole series. It brought me to another world, a world where everything is possible. And a world in which goodness among all creatures prevails. I would not need the Deathly hallows to be happy, I have the seven books with me now and I am more than happy... I am ecstatic! 

Long live the WAND-erful Harry Potter series.

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