Ow-Jay-Tee Part 6 Top OJT Songs

I love music. You can never take that away from me. And because of that I usually incorporate songs to my life. When I’m down, I have a particular song that plays in the background of my reverie. When I’m having LSS, the song will be on the list of my “overrated” and “overplayed” songs.

Music is life. It tells things about life. It explains things that are unexplainable and expresses emotions that are suppressed.

Here are the songs that remind me of my Internship period. From the start of it until the last date (which will be next week. Yey!).

1.       Goodbye Days

-          This was my LSS during my first week at Emerson. It has that nostalgic feel on it, that even if you cannot understand its lyrics you unconsciously stop for a moment and give it a try and absorb it as it is. This was also our friendship anthem with my EMT friends. Thanks to Emerson (real person for introducing the song to us.)

2.       Back to December

-          I would really want to go back to December and relive the OT moments I had and the moments I spent alone on upgrading the systems at Emerson. On December I had my latest out which was past midnight; it was also a memorable one too. I went home singing to the tune of Taylor Swift’s love song to Taylor Lautner.

3.       Mean

-          This song was also in my playlist during my memorable overtimes and late outs. Just wondering whom Taylor is referring the song with. J Oh well, whoever that guy is… gotta be meaner than mean.

4.       Dynamite

-          I remembered grooving to the beat of this song during Emerson-PWS’ Christmas Party at Encore. T’was fun, memorable, and tiring. Partying all night long! Woohoo!

5.       Uncharted

-          The latest song Sara Bareilles has to offer to her fans, including me. J One of my buildeval songs. Relieves me when I need to loosen up myself after a tedious updgrade. Really love the song and the video is oh-so-awesome!

6.       If this was a movie

-          This song lulls me to sleep. One of Taylor Swift’s saddest song (as for me) to date. Makes me want to let out and go berserk for no reasons. It sends chills to my spine whenever the “What about the ending?” line draws nearer and nearer because as far as I’m concern, it’s the saddest lyric in the song. L

7.       Hoot (SNSD)

-          Kpoppish me! This song reminds me of the TUPEG week I had which forced me to be absent for one day. The 3 day vacation/TUPEG made me realize that I really needed a break to distress me from my work environment. Which really worked out for me.

These songs will be forever etched in my memory of my OJT days at Emerson. J

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