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Ow-Jay-Tee (Part 5) my co-interns…

Long gone were the days of isolation and aloofness, they were all just memories of the past. Long gone were the days of being alone: eating lunch alone, eating snacks alone, getting my allowance alone, and laughing alone. The walls I’ve made for myself vanished in thin air and it was with my knowing that this point will come… and it sure did!

To date, I’m the oldest and the remaining OJT from the previous batch of OJTs in Test Department (that includes Patrick, CM, Nelly, Shane, etc.). So, I’m already a relic; prehistoric and extinct (okay, point taken). But with the outgoing OJTs, there should be incoming OJTs to fill the available slots that the outgoing OJTs left behind. And I’m glad to know that because of the new OJTs, I was able to change my old ways. Because I’m not a loner,  I just don’t feel the pool of OJTs I have back then and I’m thankful that I was able to break through my comfort zone and  believe the fact that no man  is an island.

Here are my co-interns and the things that made each of them one of a kind:

So, whoever edited this know who you are.

Joy, sporting the LADY GAGA look.
Joy - (aka Ms. Dude) I call her dude, because she’s kick ass and cool! She did a stint were she wore a white wig that resembled her to Lady Gaga, yes! Oh yes! She has the likes of Lady Gaga, so Lady G (as what Sir Dino once called her) welcome to the manifestation of Mother Monster! Rock on DUDE! Whether you’re JENNY or JOY… you still have the guts to rock it!

Jona as H♥neylyn in one of our videoshoots.
Jona - (aka Ms. Tissue Monster) Why tissue monster? Or should I say tissue dispenser? Because she always has a pile of tissue inside her bag all the time in case of emergency, she may need to use it. The laughing stock of the group, Patrick’s partner in crime and the reason why every lunch is fun-filled and lengthy (we still need to wait for her to finish her dishes before heading out). She loves mimicking Jessa Zaragoza’s voice, Annabelle Rama’s accent, Rufa Mae Quinto’s tone and many more. Just tell her the actress’ name and poof… she will instantly impersonate it. She’s into memorabilia making; she made Joy a birthday greeting and Patrick a farewell message. Confident and bubbly that’s Jona babes (patrick’s term of endearment to her).

Otep with his mom.
Otep - (aka Mr. Mahangin) When having group our solo pictures, he poses that way that’s why we call him with that pseudonym. That’s his trademark so better not ask why he loves to do poses like that. His poor tumbler is the proof of all his mishaps, a moment ago he has his tumbler and after few seconds his tumbler will be gone with the wind. An easy target and also one of the laughing stock of the group, because we like bullying him and teasing anything we find on him. For example, we like imitating the up and down motions of his eyebrows, how his jaw tightens after saying “per day” and “marriage ring”, how he leans on his chair in an awkward manner, and how he goes with a head bang when he is  kinikilig or what ever gesture he makes (which is on my part is pretty DISTURBING). Oh well, what can I say, The TEST department still needs him after all. JK!

One thing, Ysha loves editing pictures just look at this one.

Yshia - (Ms. Koreana) Her looks may be deceiving but this lass ain’t a Korean native. The only OJT whom I met before the interview with the managers, I guess I’m a lucky charm because I made an intervention thingy before she went with the interview and she made it! Hahaha! She helps Pete with the imitating thing they do on Otep and she knows how to irritate Otep with the slightest gesture she mimics.

Daisy (center), with her pakain to us on her birthday.
Daisy - (aka Ms. Daisy-bell) Jona’s bully-ee (if there’s a bully-er, there’s also a bully-ee). But mind you, she knows how to handle pressure and limelight! She did an impromptu of “Tomo” and ascended the stairs from 32nd floor 33rd floor in sideways (Now that’s PERFORMANCE!). The first one to laugh her heart out when someone cracks a joke and the only one with diamond-studded shoes with Jona’s scrutinizing eyes on it.  

Animo La salle! Hung hails from DLSU.

Hung - (aka Utoy) His features resemble that of Christian/Utoy of Maria Makiling oops… Mara Clara (sorry, my bad). He’s the sidekick of Pete in their Otep impersonations and helps Pete in hiding Otep’s starbucks tumbler (si Otep na may Starbucks tumbler hahahaha!). His skin may be as white as milk but his connivance tendencies are as black as night. J Read between the lines.     

That's pete there with patrick.
Pete - (aka Dirty Pete) Nerdy looking but this guy is not what you think he is. He’s the top Otep impersonator and does things Otep would ordinarily do. The gestures, mannerisms and slight reflexes make him one of the efficient impersonators OJT Test Department ever had. His groovy moves will exude that Party Party Peeps you have in you. When he is around, take a grip of your tumbler, Tupperware, etc. he hides things away from you until you end up begging on your knees for him to produce the things you thought you lost.

Patrick tries to take a shot of us here. :) Good job!

Patrick - (aka ikaw na- liner)Jona’s partner, the male version of Jona and the “Maganang Bata ng Taon” awardee. His knock knock jokes will knock the hell out of you and sometimes will leave you asking “asan ang punch line doon? Tapos ka na?”  Beware of this guy, when he is hungry there’s a tendency of him being an irritable intern. But that’s a given already, “alam namin pat… ayaw mo talagang magutom”.
With him and Jona around, expect endless jokes and funny antics (that’s why I decided, isolating myself from them SUCKS!). And in the long run, my decision was matter-of-the-fact right!

It is also one of the reasons on why I decided to extend my internship period. Because I wanted to know them better and I wanted to experience  more of the trippings, video shoots, pizza parties, Shangri-la pig outs and all the things I enjoyed doing when I’m with them.

Here are some of those things I enjoy when hanging out with them.


Kami na! :)

Another Pizza Friday!


Do the WOW pose!

Pancit canton courtesy of Jonah!


We made this video for Maam Hanilyn's Despedida Party.

PATRICK's Farewell Party

We were able to finish this within 15 minutes.

Group picture!

PA-cheeseburger ni JOY

At fries pa pala! haha! Thanks Joy!

Ayaw ni Jona ng cheeseburger!

Daisy's Birthday Treat

Wussss... :)

Call that pig out! :)
Mga trip talaga namin! :)
Jonah's memorabilia to us. Thanks JONAH!

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