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Beauty and Brains: A rare find

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After the successful Mr. and Ms. Personality 2011 pageant night (which was held last night duh?). I can therefore say that Beauty and Brains combined is a rare find nowadays. The question and answer portion proved my proposition. It happens in most cases, and it is also a realization that we are all equal in the eyes of man and of GOD.
Some handsome guys are just pretty face, once they start talking… dumb dumb dumb here we go! Pretty girls may just look pretty but their words may sometimes be pointless and senseless. (so much of less-es!)
In some cases those showered with Einstein like brains and articulate tongues are those who lack in physical attributes. They may be not perfect (physically) but they always ace examinations and all mathematical questions with detailed solutions on a separate sheet (you know what I mean?).  
But what caught my attention last night was the oh-I-forgot-the-answer and shocks-I’m-mentally-blocked moments.
The candidates were all stunning. And with the scores back to zero, they all have equal chances of coveting the title. But to my utter frustration, the Q & A part turned out to be a comedic act to some and a defining moment to other lucky candidates.
A candidate was asked with this question:
*If you were the Prime Minister of Japan what will you do regarding the recent predicament the country is facing right now?
Candidate: (Thinks…)
                       (Thinks harder…)
                       (Takes a deep breath and answers nervously in Filipino)
But his answer was like parallel lines… (Parallel lines do not meet or intersect).
Me: (Disappointed) that was my bet!
Another contestant was asked with this question:
Judge: If you were to be featured on a magazine cover, what will it be and why?
Contestant: (Smiles and Answers wholeheartedly) TIME MAGAZINE
Me: *Amazed* Wow! That’s witty!
Contestant: Bekawszz.. in Time Magaseenz, future Presidents, leaders and famous personalities are featured. That’s all thank you!
Me: Okay… *face palm*
The crowned Mr. and Ms. Personality were asked with these questions and their answers to it.
Judge: What do you think is your impact to the society?
Ms. Personality: I think my impact in the society is solely my personality. I am a leader and a model. I have the BEAUTY (with emphasis), the INTELLIGENCE, and the CONFIDENCE!
 The crowd applauded in enthusiasm.
And she won.
The next is the question to Mr. Personality (winner).
Judge: What do you think is your edge from the other candidates in this pageant?
Mr. Personality: We all have equal chances in winning this pageant. But I do still have the edge because I am HANDSOME (with emphasis), KIND and HONEST.
He answered in Filipino, but I’ve translated his answer to English to make it an answer-worthy one.
And a roar of awed audience filled the hall.              
And they both won.
A friendly suggestion to other aspiring beauty queens and Mr. Universe wannabes: Even if we (yup, I’m an aspirant too) are not that beautiful/handsome or even if we’re not that intelligent, having the right disposition, unwavering confidence and perfect timing will surely give us the edge in anything and everything we pursue. Not just in pageantries but also in real life. Where we are the real winners!
Beauty and Brains combined is a rare find but
Not so beautiful + right timing
Confidence + not so intelligent
Are unique combinations, common, and also are innate among all of us.

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