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Additional characters. Ow-Jay-Tee (Part Four)

Here's an addition to the ever-growing family I have at Emerson. (As requested.)

Ma'am Emmy (Ma'am Shutterbug) - Why shutterbug? Because Ma'am Emz really loves taking pictures. She is approachable and patient. I tested her patience once, when I kept on asking her on how to install MUIWinPro7 manually and automatically. She never hesitated to reply on my endless queries and even gave me lessons on PHOTOGRAPHY 101 (Using her DSLR camera!) Cool! One of these days I'm going to ask her to teach me Photography 101 again. "Excited!"  

Ma'am Diane (The Announcer!) - "Let's get ready to rumble...." 
Nah! not like that kind of announcer.. Ma'am Diane is a different one. She electronically sends announcements on different events, one of which is the "Pizza @ the Pantry" announcement (which everybody loves and anticipates for). She doesn't only send invites, she also does the budgeting for the foods and other things to procure; she's the resident custodian; gives payslips to Test Engineers and employees, and a whole lot more!  

She is really into multi-tasking (I guess.) I think she's doing a great job! (Two thumbs UP for that Ma'am!)

Sir Marvin (The I.T. Dude) - "They say, "Pag kalbo.. MASAMANG TAO!" 
That ain't true for Sir Marvz! He's my dota-buddy at Emerson and my walking dictionary on Networking and PC troubleshooting. I frequently ask him with questions like " What if the boot manager is missing?" "How will I connect PC this to PC that using cmd?" and he will provide you with everything you ask for... (but don't ask for his age.. he's evasive about it. (0_o)

Next time you encounter a pc problem... Who you gonna call?
Sir Marvz! Sir Marvz!  

Bruno Watanabe (The Brazilian Japanese)  - He looks like a Japanese but speaks like a Brazilian, that's Sir Bruno! and that's the way he is. :) 

The only Foreign Tester I got to talk to, (because the previous testers were like.. "Hindi ko mahinuha ang mga accents nila!") hahaha! But sometimes I stutter or even grasp for the translation of the words that are ringing inside my Pentium 4 head..and he's like "What's that again?" and I go "Uhm.. uhm.. Never mind!"  Whenever he asks for my assistance I always see to it that I have enough tissue with me. In case I'm in the middle of my explanation (about running DeltaV) I can easily cover my nose with wipes and act like nothing happened. (I will simply let out a silent whimper... "My nose.. it bleeds.." )

As for Ma'm Remy.. I'm starting to know her more. Although she tries to discourage me to include her in my blogs, there's no stopping me from doing the deed. *evil laugh*

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