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The case of the missing ipod shuffle

There was this one instance when I thought that I lost my sister's ipod shuffle (which I am claiming is already mine).  I was on my way home (actually on a jeepney) when I realized my bag was open. I checked my bag's inner pocket where I usually keep my wallet and other important stuff safe; it was open. But weird enough, I was not alarmed. I told myself  that I might have forgotten zipping it close. And so I took my commute unbaffled by my discovery.
When I arrived at home and checked the contents of my bag I realized that my ipod shuffle was nowhere to be found. I might have left it attached to its charger in my drawer at the office. I reassured myself that it was just sitting on a pile of documents and I will find it where I left it tomorrow, untouched.
When I arrived at work I forgot about it. I only remembered looking for it after lunch. To my disbelief I was not able to find my shuffle player. That was the time that I started panicking.

I asked my officemates if they chanced…

The ball pen ANALOGY

Remember your favorite ball pen back in your high school days? Be it panda, uni, hbw, the high-priced pilot or even the scented ones; we were once attached to these writing materials. 
There were times when the unexpected happens - your two-day old pilot ball pen fell from your arm chair and when you tested it your penmanship was already broken. It's devastating to say the least; 2 days seemed too short. Then, you told yourself to move on, find another ball pen that is cheaper but will last you a quarter or so. You bought a new hbw pen, its smooth feel on any paper sends chills to your bones. The feeling is exhilarating. A new found intimacy gives you life. After 3 weeks of being useful with its ink already an inch from the ball point you dropped it after taking an exam and eventually lost it. It's heart-wrenching, knowing that you can use the remaining ink all to yourself, without the fear of dropping it because you have used most of its potential. The ink is darker and your p…

The New Happy Birthday Song

If you're a fan of The Click Five you already know the lyrics to the song above by heart. I have and I have my own take on the line "You wake up, another year is gone. You're 21." Because honestly we can't stay 21. So here's my take on the song.

You wake up, another year is gone. You're 21 Let's keep the ball rolling until you're old and mature... in wisdom and experience (of course!)
You wake up, you thought the joke's on you. You're 22.
You wake up, I beg to disagree... that you look 23.
You wake up, you're young to marry me, 'cause you're 23.
You wake up, another open door. You're 24.
You wake up and made it out alive. You're 25.
You wake up, and thought you have everything fixed. You'restill 26.

You wake up, and still love The Script's Breakeven. You're 27.
You wake up, you said everything can wait. You're 28.
You wake up, who said it was your fate? You're 28.
You wake up and thought "I should not whine…