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TFIOS trailer will give you the feels

So you mean this came out the day the sneak peek I posted was released. And I was not able to stumble upon this for like a day?
I know I am always updated with movie adaptations and stuff but this was such a big MISS. So going back.
Watching the trailer makes me want to read the book again. And watch the trailer again and again and again.

The trailer transports you to a “feels” trip (courtesy of that Youtube comment I stumbled upon) where your emotion is heightened and the slightest of provocation will send you bawling your insides (exag!).
I cannot wait for June to come.

Watch the trailer here.

The Fault in Our Star sneak peek

I can say that one of the highlights of my day is this sneak peak of The Fault in Our Stars movie. Oooops! Hold your horses though because the clip is just a sneak peek and sneak peeks are meant to be short (like sooooo short). 

But believe me it will give you the feels. 

Are you excited as I am? 
Watch it here.

I'm forever blessed!

I just have to share this wonderful quote I heard from my office mate while she was discussing an important lesson to us about 'Salvation':

Have a blessed day to all of you! :)

The Happiness Project : 3 Categories of fun

This is another interesting entry from Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project book. The content of this blogpost is originally from the book. I'm just itching to share this to everyone who stumbles upon my blog. Hope you have a nice day! :)
According to Gretchen, "fun" falls into three categories: (1) challenging fun, (2) accommodating fun, and (3) relaxing fun.
Challenging fun is the most rewarding but also the most demanding. It can create frustration, anxiety, and hard work. It often requires errands. It takes time and energy. In the  end, however, it pays off with the most satisfying fun.
Usually less challenging, but still requiring a fair bit of effort, is accommodating fun. A family trip to the playground us accommodating fun. Yes, it's fun, but I'm really there because my children want to go. Was it Jerry Seinfeld who said, "There's no such thing as 'Fun for the whole family'"? Going to a family holiday dinner, even going to dinner a…

The BBC Book List Challenge

The BBC believes most people will have read only 6 of the 100 books on this list. How many have you read?
For the complete list click this.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Reveals First Movie Poster!

Are you excited as I am? 

Feast your eyes on the first movie poster for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1!!! 
How fiery is it? 
And now we wait until its premiere. Let the countdown begin! :)

Read it before you see it! The Book Thief

Mark your calendars!!! :)

Fully Booked and the Australian Embassy in Manila present The Book Thief Book Club Discussion this February 1, 2014. Join us for a book club discussion on Markus Zusak’s beloved story of 11-year-old Liesel as she struggles with life in war-torn Germany. 3:00 pm
Saturday, February 1, 2014
Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street 3rd Floor Bridgeway Panelists: Jan Ruiz of Flips Flipping Pages, Candice Quimpo of, Johanna AƱes-dela Cruz of the UP Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts.

Now a major motion picture opening in theaters this February. Read it before you see it, and get a chance to win tickets to an advanced screening of the film by joining us for the event!  Moderator: Honey de Peralta of Coffeespoons This post is originally from Click here to visit the original entry.

LSS: Collar Full (Panic! at the Disco)

If I were to choose a stand-out track from Panic! At The Disco’s latest album Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die, it would be Collar Full.
Why? Because the song is just too difficult to put down. I just have to hit the replay button over and over again.
The latest song that got stuck in my head from the band was Ready to Go (Get Me Out of my Mind) from their previous Vices & Virtues album. After my first listen to the song it already made its way to my LSS-worthy tracks list that I even used the track as a background song in one of our school projects (Oh how I miss those days!). It has been 2 years since the album’s release and now I guess it’s about time I have another favorite track from their latest offering.
Collar Full is an upbeat track with the same dancey vibe like Ready to Go. The number contains a flow of bouncy synths enticing listeners to bob their heads and tap their feet nonstop. It is also groovy, a feel-good song indeed. Not just that. The song talks about taking ch…

LSS: Anything Could Happen (Ellie Goulding)

I know, I know. The song is already a year old. But compared to her latest hits such as Burn, Lights, and Goodness Gracious I find Anything Could Happen more of an emotional track which in all honesty is more LSS-worthy than her other released singles.
I’m that deep. I dig ballad and mellow-sounding music. Especially when the song elicits raw emotions. That I just find myself in a trance-like state. Before I lose myself let’s continue this entry.
Before Anything Could Happen, Lights made it big especially on the Billboard 100 chart. Lights is a dancey electro-pop song which is quite different compared to the enchanting electro ballad Anything Could Happen.
Ellie confirmed in an interview that she was a bit nervous with the release of Anything Could Happen since it was something new to her fans. But after only five days the music video for the song reached one million views on Youtube which is a good thing.
The song opens up with a whimsical start with dolphin-like noises and stomping be…

Sara Bareilles announces 'I Choose You' as next single

Omigosh! It has been 9 months since the release of Sara Bareilles' hit track Brave and now the time has come for the talented musician/composer/songstress to release the second single of her latest Grammy Nominated album The Blessed Unrest. 
And my friends, the long wait is over. 
On her twitter account Sara B announced I Choose You as her next single. 

The radio-friendly, LSS worthy track with a great potential of being the wedding anthem of the year will leave you warm and fuzzy all over. 
Listen to Sara Bareilles' latest single here.
I also have album reviews of The Blessed Unrest and Kaleidoscope Heart. 

The TBT experience

For the 3rd Anniversary of Pointwest’s Bible Study Group which I am now a part of, the committee decided to celebrate the momentous event at The Breakfast Table.
As a first-timer and a foodie (of course) I was kind of expecting a great palate journey at TBT. I thought that the experience will be of the gastric-type only. I was wrong. It was a feast of the senses.
Since the food were already pre-ordered I was not able to experience the DIY breakfast menu which I believe is innovative and fun.

The first thing that caught my attention as I enter the place was the streaks of blue splashed all over every corner of the small yet spacious place. The walls and the comfort rooms and also the eating utensils and table mats were all drizzled with droplets of cerulean-toned hues.

White and Blue combination is amazingly appealing as it is also appetite-inducing. Move over red and black!

Hyperbole and a Half

Hey there fellow book lovers! I’m here once again to update you on my 100-books-to-read progress.
So far, I have been juggling, yes, you heard that right. I’ve been juggling books lately.
Not this type of juggling.

But you know what I mean, reading a number of books simultaneously.
Not because I’m in a hurry to finish my 100-books-to-read list (although, after making computations I believe I really need to speed up my game). But because being a randomly cluttered blogger I want to test my multitasking skills and I also want to diversify the list of my favorite authors (which is another challenge).
And here is the 2nd book that I finished. It is Allie Brosh’s autobiographical book entitled Hyperbole and a Half.

I have never encountered a hilariously addictive read like this in years. I’m grateful to my ever sarcastic officemate who introduced the book and shared the file to me. Your randomly cluttered blogger wouldn’t be able to experience such an amazingly book so thank you *insert sarca…

For the love of coupons!

The best things in life are free. The only thing is that not everything in life is free. Fortunately we have these things called discount coupons which seem close enough to the-best-things-in-life-are-free quote. I mean who wouldn’t want cheap and affordable finds? Who couldn’t resist the magnetic pull coupons have to majority of us nowadays?

I am not a fan of discount vouchers… before. I would just intentionally get past people giving free coupons in malls and streets. I believe many people need it more than I do. And grabbing one from people handing out coupons is like me depriving someone of that same piece of monetary alleviation.

But not anymore.
Currently, online websites offering discounted coupons and groupons (group coupons) have become popular and trending. Websites such as CashCashPinoy, Metrodeal, and Ensogo are the go-tos if you’re looking for low priced and inexpensive purchases. These sites give the best deals ever!
Going back to where I left.
After having an unexpected …

More Book Signing Tour from National Book Store!!!!

#NBSeventsJoin three New York Times bestselling authors—Veronica Rossi (@rossibooks), Tahereh Mafi (@TaherehMafi) and Ransom Riggs (@ransomriggs)—for book signing events on April 26 at 2 pm in the Glorietta Activity Center, and on April 27 at 2 pm in the Activity Center of Ayala Center Cebu.
Veronica Rossi, Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs
Book Signing Events
Frequently Asked Questions

When and where are the book signings?
April 26, 2014, 2:00 pm, at the Glorietta Activity Center
April 27, 2014, 2:00 pm, at the Activity Center of Ayala Center Cebu

When will the registration be?
Registration opens at 10:00 am on April 26 at the Glorietta Activity Center and 10:00 am on April 27 at the Activity Center of Ayala Center Cebu. Each guest will be asked to fill out the registration form upon arrival. Separate registrations for each event is required should you wish to attend both events. First come, first served.

Is there a registration fee?
No. There is no registration fee.

How many books can I have…