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My Life Testimony

Growing up, I have always been a curious thinker. I question other ideas, even my own to prove a point. I am always searching for answers.

Then one day I got interested on the idea of afterlife. What happens when we die and after that? What happens to our soul? Are we just going to become ashes and eventually vanish on the surface of the earth? 

Is heaven real? Is hell even a real place used to scare people?

I have so many questions left unanswered.

And the questions kept on coming…

I have always been curious as to why we’re here. Why are we on this earth? What is our purpose on this earth? Is there life after death? Or is afterlife just an idea produced in our minds to shut us up from all the seemingly unending questions we have? The questions seem endless, the answers still unknown.

I have this notion that every question has an answer only if we are eager to seek for it. And while days, months, and years passed by, my frustration grew and grew. It came to an exhausting point, and then I …

Happy Mother's Day Ma!

My dearest mama,
How are you?
How is everything up there?
Are you doing well there? I hope you’re doing great.
Is it true what they tell us here? That there is no pain and sickness there? Only happiness and eternal peace?  If that’s true then I’m envious of you. You are in a better position than all of us here.
To update you on my life here’s the status quo: Grief has always been a daily thing for me now. Since the day you left us, there’s that emptiness in my heart – a hole that remains, a void that sits somewhere and always tries to make its presence felt.
There are also these waves they call, when out of nowhere I am reminded of you and then a wave of emotion just stirs me to tears.  It leaves me for a while and returns with an increased intensity. Somehow I get used to these waves and the heaviness that comes with it. There are bearable moments, when I can just fight back the tears. But then there are also tough days when I’m at a public place and I cannot control myself from crying. O…