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My Devotion Chronicles

We all have our fair share of experiences when it comes to doing our devotions. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, devotion is when you read the Word of God which is the Bible, note down all the things you learned on a notebook which you will then apply in your daily life. 

But sometimes, there are moments when doing devotions can be difficult. Sometimes our busy schedule gets in the way of our intimate time with God. There are also times when it is rewarding and fruitful - that you just can't get enough of it. And that is the best feeling in the world, because nothing beats having quality time with the Lord. Believe you me!

So here are some of my personal experiences I have when doing my devotions:

My Devotion Chronicles...
  1. When you're like "What? Iba na yung story? Iba na yung mga characters at plot?" #bungibungidevotions
  2. When you're like "5 devotions, kaya ko ito in one day!" #sakitsakamaybes
  3. When you're like "Kelangan kung gandahan devotion ko ichecheck kasi ni cell leader." #Maypointssamagandanghandwriting
  4. When maraming striking verses ang naisulat mo at napuno mo yung one page ng devotion notebook mo, and you're like "No space for application. Yehey!" #Wagganun
  5. When your devotion is scheduled every M-F-W or worse T-Th. Wag ganun bes!
  6. Yung tipong date at key verses lang ang makikita sa devotion mo kasi you keep on failing to finish or even start your devotion.
  7. When you're like "Sa gabi ko na lang Lord gagawin yung devotion ko" and then pag gabi na you're like "Lord, bukas nalang. Babawi ako! Pramis!!!"
  8. When your devotion book is newly-bought and you're like "Wow, ang ganda ng bago kong devotion book. Nakaka-enganyong mag devo!" But after a week or two patlang-patlang na.
  9. Similar to the previous entry: When your devotion book is maganda at may kaber pa and you're like "Wow, nakakaenganyo talagang mag devotion... for one week!" 
  10. When every start of the month you have the zeal and excitement of doing your devotion consistently but once you fail to complete a day of it... it continues until the end of the month. And then you'll repeat the process all over again.
  11. When you're doing your devotion while watching TV or listening to the radio, or surfing the internet, or doing your assignment, or having kwentuhan with your friend, or making a blog post about your failed attempts on doing your devotion. #Wagganun Wag mag multitask! Lalo na pag devotion. Focused lang dapat!
In conclusion, your "devotion" should be a indication of your devotion to the one who gave Your Salvation. It is a preparation, for you to be the Salt and Light of this nation and of all creation

Each devotion should always have a revelation: it should work as a medication for our broken heart.. It should be a relaxation for our weary soul. And it should be an examination of ourselves and a preparation for Christ-likeness. 

So don't do your devotion like you're on a vacation or like it's a vocation. Do it with dedication, determination, concentration (feel the rhythm), proper nutrition and education. Dahil mahal ang tuition. That's the only solution

God bless you on your spiritual journey with God!

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