the sock analogy
Earlier this morning I heard my step-father and sister having an argument about my sister being picky with her socks.

"Eh may butas yan eh." my sister exclaimed.
"Hindi yan makikita. Naka-sapatos ka naman eh", kuya responded.
"Ayaw ko nga masakit sa paa." 

It went for a couple of minutes and as I was preparing to go to church a thought popped in my head. The sock with holes in it resonated with a message on our spirituality.

We are like a foot wearing a sock and a shoe. And our soul is the sock. Sometimes our souls can have holes in it - made by our brokenness and sinfulness. What we usually do is hide these holes from everyone around us. Maybe because we don't want to be judged or to be embarrassed from the humiliation. And so we continue living as if nothing was there. Even when we experience discomfort and pain because of the shoe we're wearing we try to forget it and go about with our life normally. But as time passes the bruises on or foot are becoming unbearable that a step is already painful to make. We are confronted by our self: "Do I need to wear another shoe or buy a new socks, Or do I have to continue hiding the holes in my sock until my foot bleeds." An internal conflict is already happening within us. 

That can be difficult. But there's always a way.
People may not know the holes you've been hiding but God does. But compared to people judging you, God won't. He never will!

You can bare everything to Him and you'll not feel ashamed. Instead you will feel loved and cared for. That is the very nature of our Heavenly Father. He knows you inside and out and He will never neglect you nor forsake you. He knows the deepest wounds you hide and He wants to take it all away from you and replace it with joy and hope. 

The only thing you need to do is to trust Him. Have faith in Him. Remove your shoes and feel comfortable in His Heavenly presence where there is no pain and shame, only love and more love.

We may think that we sock at life but if we have God in our heart and life we will be sock-cessful!

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